Driving from UK to Italy through France

Had an enquiry from a pal…

who needs to drive from UK to Italy

some clarity needed on what is likely to be happening/allowed or NOT allowed…

any thoughts ???

I think it still requires a crystal ball.

À partir du 15 juin prochain, les frontières entre la France, la Suisse, l’Allemagne et l’Autriche pourraient rouvrir dans les deux sens si la situation sanitaire le permet.

yes, they’ve put me rather on the spot… expecting me to know everything just 'cos I live here… :roll_eyes:

you’re mirroring my own thoughts… which didn’t sound very helpful to them… over the telephone… “we’ll probably have to wait a little longer to find out…” only brought deep sighs…

which is why I asked the question… in case I’d missed some new News…

Where does the reciprocal 14 day French quarantine fit in?

The Italian border is open no restrictions from today I think.

The entry to France is the hard bit. The French are irritated Italy opened its borders without coordinating with the EU - so if there’s still a derogation form to complete on entry to France it depends on what conditions - I could be mistaken but I thought it was still only permitted to drive through if it was to reach your main residence. Once the UK slapped a 14 day quarantine in place I abandoned all hope of earning money and stopped paying attention.

15th June is meant to be when Schengen borders are next considered

I can’t understand why the UK is putting quarantine in place when they have more active virus circulating than we do on this side of the channel. Getting on for 50 thousand deaths now.

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Who can understand anything they do, it is all pap for the true blues who still think that BoJo is doing a good job.


It’s OK if it is to a 2nd home that does not have planning permission, that is near your parents home, and you have covid-19 symptoms, and your eyesight is failing, and it’s your mother’s birthday and it will shortly be your wife’s birthday.


I think it’s part of the act, to make the people think that Britain is doing well. On Radio 4 this morning a minister refused to answer three simple questions and one of those was to name a European country where the COVID-19 death rate was higher than Britain’s. That was in response to the claims that ‘clean’ Britain couldn’t risk having dirty foreigners arriving on holiday without a robust quarantine system in place. To add even more disbelief to the programme Mr Davis, the previous Brexit minister, was complaining that the EU had promised a no tariff trade deal with Britain and were now backtracking. I wonder what he thinks all the talks during the transition period are for.


I think Johnson/Cummings are more interested in posturing than good governance, so there’s little point looking for a rational basis for their actions.

Apparently social distancing means you can’t have sex with someone who isn’t already living in your house, respecting that rule may be a problem for the prime minister.


I have heard that when the mistress becomes the wife it creates a vacancy.


Good to see him being taken apart by Starmer QC yesterday.


My insight… for what its worth (I live in England).

There was a lot of bad press about people flying into the UK in March. The scientific advice at that time was that things were so bad in the UK that a few extras really didn’t make any difference (we had abandoned track-and-trace at that point). My feeling is that the quarantine is a political reaction to that criticism and that our current political masters are not able to back out of quarantine position, in the face of massive opposition from the travel industry, without some face-saving device.

Furthermore, the track-and-trace system is only just limping along here (we have between 8000 and 5000 new cases a day) so any extra strain on that system would also attract criticism. Bear in mind that in early March the NHS had the capacity to track-and trace the contacts of only 5 corona virus infected imports. The system has expanded since then but it must be strained…

My thoughts. Smiles.

Bo-Jo and his cronies have only listened to the scientific advice and then politicised it.
We didn’t have lock-down sooner because they were afraid of our mental health, because that is what seemed to be in the forefront of everyone’s minds at the time.

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I thought it was because they were “managing herd immunity” ie letting people get sick.

That too and seeing that I would have been one of the sacrificial lambs, I was never impressed with that idea.