Driving licence renewal after AVC (stroke)

I had a minor stroke and have received an all clear from an approved doctor. I filled out a cerfs 14880 01 form and am not sure what to do next. The website is v confusing.
Has anyone had any experience/advice?

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Presumably a French Permis?
When you say renewal, was your licence revoked/withdrawn and if so by whom?

Madeleine… I presume you filled in one page and the doctor filled in the other…

Is this correct ?

and according to the Govt site… I think there should be 3 sets of this 2-page document… :thinking:

No, my drivers licence was not revoked but I was told by the nurse that I had to get the ok to drive and reapply online.


Please give us your full name…


Well, I have to say that I had a stroke a few years back but no-one mentioned to me that I had to get the OK to drive and re-apply on line.
Fact is that I do not now drive but that is by choice. My Permis remains valid…

Maybe it is a new thing but the hospital was quite insistent!

Same thing for my sister, but no additional information. I have the Cerfa filled out and signed by a doctor but didn’t find on the ANTS website what to do next. @Madeleine1 how did you proceed?

Thank you.