Driving license exchange after Brexit


Great for you but it is not the same for everybody.

Submitted our application, dozens of pages of proofs, in 2019, accepted and put into a “chemise rouge prioritaire” to put us at the head of the queue. Nothing!

No response from the people we were dealing with, nothing from the Chef d’equipe, next stop is Madame la Prefete.

A complete Fred Karno’s.

Grahame Pigney

P Help save paper - please don’t print this email unless you really need to.
P Sauvegardons la planète. Avez-vous vraiment besoin d’imprimer cet e-mail?


Do you need a driving licence for a Tardis or were you trying to explain about exchanging driving licences and how what I said is not true?

Grahame Pigney

P Help save paper - please don’t print this email unless you really need to.
P Sauvegardons la planète. Avez-vous vraiment besoin d’imprimer cet e-mail?

There was no Covid in 2019 surely?

I accept that you wish to stand on a point of principal, which were you fighting for freedom of speech, or human rights would be laudable. But you are talking about an administrative matter where the world has moved on and nobody’s right are being denied.

Ok you should have received a personal letter saying that the position had changed and you now had to reapply through the new portal - but you didn’t. So move on! The phrase flogging a dead horse comes to mind.

And as for driving licences the starting issue was the UK deciding on Brexit and cobbling together a withdrawal agreement that was not fit for purpose. How can you possibly criticise the French for insisting on a point of principle when this is exactly what you are doing at a hugely smaller scale.


No on all counts…think again :wink:

I think it was placed on Perseverance and is now proudly ahead of the queue on Mars :grin:

We simply followed the current guidance and it worked quickly, as is being experienced by others also. Perhaps give it a try.

You have a choice now - either do what we have done and get your card - or keep banging on about not getting it having not followed the current guidance.

Life is simply too short to continue as you are - get the job done and move on.

That is code for “classement vertical”. Possibly.

Now completely confused,…have that last few posts been about driving licence exchange…the title of thread or about carte de S

I assumed that too! I used to resort to that as was my only recourse as a public servant since not allowed to be rude to people no matter how rude they were to you…

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OMG Grahame I (and others) have told you SO MANY TIMES it has been made perfectly clear on every website from Governmental downwards that EVERYBODY has to apply regardless of what you were told back when you handed your dossier in. NO prefecture is answering any emails or calls as they are just trying to get on and get all the applications processed by the deadline.

I find it massively upsetting that I have spent so much time explaining it to you REPEATEDLY and you clearly have ignored all the advise and information I’ve given you. It is my job Grahame to help people with their CDS applications, I know the rules, I am giving you the answer that the prefecture will give you

There is no need for you to submit all that again Grahame, it is a 5-10 minute job where you have to upload:

  1. a bill / other document from the year you arrived
  2. a bill from 2020
  3. your passport

I am beyond gobsmacked that you are still flogging this poor dead horse and that you are blatently unable to listen to any advice given. My god I feel so sorry for your family and friends as you are clearly becoming quite obsessional about the whole situation and unable to listen to any reason!

They probably have you on another type of red list!

Who will not care, there is a very easy portal open that EVERYONE must apply on (the ONLY exception to this is for those that applyed on the 'no deal portal between late 2019 and Feb 2020 and YOU DO NOT FALL INTO THIS EXCEPTION GROUP)- if she bothers wasting her time answering you her only reply will be to submit on line like EVERYBODY ELSE.

Please also bear in mind that if you continue refusing to hand in your online applications in past the 30/06/21 you may be asked to leave the country and you will not be able to get a WA CDS.

Dear me my poor blood pressure. Gobsmacked.


Chill Tory, chill, it really isn’t worth getting your blood pressure up over, it has got to the point it’s trolling now plain and simple.
You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, if he wants to keep following this route and gets kicked out it’s not your problem, so chill and enjoy your Sunday.


you can if you “brick it” like with camels :wink: :crazy_face:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
and probably on the red planet too…