Driving license exchange

Hi everyone,

I have just been onto the ANTS site to check about changing my UK license and if I have understood correctly, as there is no reciprocal agreement between France and the UK we are obliged to obtain a French license by passing the test in France by the end of January 2022.

When I tried to change my license last year, my application was refused as they were waiting for further information with regard to the Brexit deal.

When I try to complete the online form to change my license, it tells me there is no agreement with the UK and I can’t use the online system.

There is, on the government site, the procedure for changing a non European license but there must be a reciprocal agreement in place with the country in which the license was obtained.

I was told by the Prefecture that ANTS is the authority on licensing questions so I should follow their instructions.

Has anyone anything to add? Have you managed to request the exchange?

Many thanks in advance for your feedback.

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If you check out the current thread
Swapping Licence for a French one… (in the Cars/Motoring/Insurance category) you will see the latest blurb.

At the moment, everyone is waiting (with bated breath) while the two governments come to some sort of agreement.


Thanks Stella

Hi Graham,

I read this before I posted but according to the government site, things changed on the 1st February 2021.

Many thanks

I’d urge caution on the wait and see approach Stella. IMO EU and UK relations are deteriorating as the slipshod “it’ll be all right on the night” approach by Gove and Johnson is unravels. Not least of all with the Northern Ireland protocol. The EU doesn’t seem minded to give an inch so I’m not sure licences will be a priority for either side. I’ve no magic solution but I’d advise people to do all they can to rectify their situations ASAP.


Until there is an agreement between the UK and the EU people are completely stuck with the clock supposedly ticking down to the 31st of December.

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John… , as it happens, I am extremely cautious. :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

I have every confidence that things re Permis de Conduire will be suitably sorted for those folk who warrant the CdS WA…
for the others, arriving this year… not so sure… but I don’t know anyone in that category (yet)

I hope you’re right Stella, though I’m not sure what the link between CdS approval and ANTS is.

Hi John,

According to the Perfecture last Monday, there is no liaison or link between them so I would tend to agree that we would be better off being cautious.
We have a lot of auto-écoles as clients, (I work in the automobile industry) so I’m going to bite the bullet and pass my French test. It seems to be the best option as it stands.

I think I may well be taking the French test as well especially having been told by ants.gouv.fr that I am not allowed to drive here on my UK licence as I reported some weeks ago.

I think that’s the prudent thing to do Damaris, rather than hoping for the best and being disappointed. I’ve no doubt you’ll pass with flying colours.


I certainly have no faith in bloody Doris.

Sorry John… I should be clearer…

On the French Brexit site it mentions 3 scenarios for British drivers in France

Those settled here before 31/12/20
Those settling here from January 1st 2021

Of course, we can all read the same thing and understand it in different ways…

But, after the debacle with ANTS refusing genuine applications for PdConduire for various reasons (not near enough to expiry, etc etc )
simply to lighten the load on their systems… I do not think France will make those who were legally here before 31/12/20… take a test etc etc

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That is the automated response Damian based on the info you submitted on the application.

It may well be Timothy but when I mentioned some while ago that the ants.gouv website had presented me with a screen saying that if I drove in France on my UK licence I risked incurring a 15,000 euro fine or up to one year in prison, nobody else appeared to have received this same message.

How are you coping not being able to drive?


The cost of taking a french test is pretty high isn’t it? Like over 1000€? That alone would make me wait until the last minute!

it’s not a message to you

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