Driving License Photocard Expired

Just had the same problem so applied and received a French driving licence which was relatively pain free here in Pau (64). Had to give them my UK licence but received a document that explained to the police why I had no licence. Also the French licence means you can continue driving for ever!

Thanks to everyone for all the advice. Happy Sunday :)

I have NEVER paid a fee at Angers, I am in the Licencing tomorrow morning with the head of section, and I will ask her why you paid this fee. Maybe the Sous Prefecture in your Dept has a fee I don't know about !

The person who did the change of licence for you at the sous prefecture should not have kept your licence. The document that you was given does not give you permit to drive. I have been changing licences for our clients regardless of which E.U. country they come from for over 6 years, and at NO TIME have they parted from there original licence until the day they received there French one.

YES !!!!!!!!!!!

Shit, Damaris, pardon my French !!. OK. so the first thing is to tell the DVLA that you are changing your address and in doing so have noticed that your photocard licence is out of date. They will then send you all the forms to your sisters address then she to you. Remember to send the filled in forms to your sister with an envelope adressed to DVLA inside. So your sister can then forward it from HER adresse.

Hi Maria, Please tell me what the document was, as I have been changing licences in the Prefecture for European drivers wishing to take a new licence ie Permis EB or C etc, and they have NEVER issuid them with a temporary document, or a fee. Thanks David

So what do I do then....get the forms from the DVLA and do an address change and photocard renewal at the same time or do I go to the prefecture with my factures, avis d'imposition, passport, photos etc and get it changed or do I do both??

Many thanks for the help by the way - I only started driving again in May 2013 (after a 19 year lapse)!

The Prefecture will give you a form that states what you need to present for an exchange of licence, ie 2 or 4 photo's (depends on the prefecture) photo copy recto/verso. Facture EDF / Telecom, with your name and adresse on it !!!. Copy of Passport. Maybe even a copy of your last Impots !!

They will then processs the dossier ( 4/8 weeks) and send a letter to go and collect your new licence. Then and ONLY then will you hand over your UK licence. I have NEVER had to pay to change a licence for a European client !!

What did you pay 27 euro for ???

Could I then ring the DVLA tell that that I have moved and that my photocard has expired, thus giving them my sisters address to send the form too?

Thanks for the heads up by the way :)

I could get it sent to my sister's house but that is not my last address in the UK and therefore not the address on my license...

The problem is that my old UK address is the flat that I lived at then. It was a rental property so I probably wouldn't be able to get the letter if it was sent there....

Do NOT go to the prefecture. I deal with the Prefecture on a daily basis in Angers 49, and I can assure you that there is NO TEMPORARY DOCUMENT !! Contact the DVLA, and do exactly what they tell you to do !!. But you must have a UK address to hold a UK licence !!!!!

PS I work for a Driving School / auto ecole in the Maine et loire

Correct, but I would NOT go to the prefecture. Contact the DVLA in Swansea, and explain to them that your photo licence is out of date. They will then send you a form to your UK address, which you need to fill in and send 2 photo's (passport type) plus whatever the fee is. I must state that you must have a UK address to hold a UK licence !!. The laws have changed in France as of the 01/01/2013. When you have recieved your new licence, maybe then, and only then, change it for a French one.

Yes I am going to go first thing Monday morning Brian. I've already filled out the forms and I even have 4 passport photos that I did a few weeks ago too...My psychic self obviously kicked in :)

Actually, no you are not fine for driving in France without the photocard. The European regulation states that we must all have an up-to-date licence with a photograph included in whichever form. The UK paper 'counterpart driving licence', which is considered to be the real licence there, has no picture. If the photocard is invalid, then you do not have a valid licence between the two. I think you need to go to your sous prefecture toute suite, apply for the French licence and have your temporary cover paper. If you are stopped and have a jobsworth gendarme you will be fined and forced to get a French licence that will almost certainly have some points on it already.

Wel lthat is less than I thought. Many thanks for the info. I can't imagine it will be a whole lot more here. :)

Same here - my photocard expired in June 2011! I have completed the form to get a new one and just need to get the necessary bits together. Can you remember how much it cost to change for a French one?

Good to know as I plan to hire a car in June when I go back over. Thanks Jane. At least I know I can drive here without a problem. You've put my mind at rest - many thanks :)