Driving me absolutely mad!

AI is like the Thought Police, I don’t look at it any more. It’s (Poitou Charentes anyway) just full of people moaning or begging for food and furniture. Someone once asked for details of an approved translator and I suggested they look in Yellow Pages, where there are several and, guess what, they took it off! I like Catharine’s idea…

Hi Evelyn
Have you joined the dog group here yet? Gina is a bit busy at the moment as she’s (well her new rescue dog!) has just had puppies but she would be keen to be in touch and help I am sure.
And do post about the pet passports please - that would be fabulous! CX

Have you read this?


sorry but I had to include the ref to you and a meat cleaver…

That’s unbelievable re the wedding - presumably they hadn’t been giving you free PR for the last twelve months either! :slight_smile:

James posted about the dating /singles / friendship group on SFN - just a ‘hello here’s a group if you are looking for mates’ post and it was instantly pulled with ref’s to their T&C and ‘as a business you can advertise here comments.’ IF i had the time or energy, I would like to challenge this point, as at the moment, SFN is not a business, we are not making any money out of this and legally, most of these sites T&C’s are very dubious and on dodgy ground. Hence my post last night about ‘another’ site.

But I agree AI are by far the worst!

We should have an SFN competition - whose can post the most innocuous comment on AI and still have it edited /deleted!!!