Driving me absolutely mad!

I am being driven bonkers by the anally retentive attitude of the person (should he remain nameless?) who runs the Dordogne AI!!

On the subject of Animal Osteopathy he is continually editing my posts - "my son who is a qualified vet will have this information" is edited to "my son will have this information" - making the statement pointless.

When I point this out in a further post, that too, is removed!!

And yet he is leaving statements from the original poster that he/she is planning to carry out an illegal practice in France and that several "people" they know are already doing so and keeping their heads down!!

It drives me MAD!!!!

What is the point of AI if posts are continually removed and edited?


Sorry had to let off steam - I have had quite a few run-ins with said person!!!



I absolutely love AI,.......... it is the finnest entertainment ever, I strongly believe that the script writers of those faves " Eastenders" and "Corrie" get all their ideas from the forums. It does seem to attract very bizzare people and some of the "its the law" postings are hillarious,so long may it remain there just for my amuesment.

Well, it is now! I never thought it would be such a hot potato!!

And very pleased we are to have you John! x

I have such a different opinion to AI, I was banned for having a sense of humour, well I wanst banned for that in all honesty, I was banned for posting the AI email response as to why they removed my posting. My original posting asked if AI managment should get a sense of humour, it got 5 positive responses in the 6 minutes it was live, I watched it.

So next I just posted the copied and pasted to AI the email they sent telling my post had been removed , strangely my account is no longer valid. Opened another one and that lasted 24 hours. So sorry guys you ended up with me.

Interestingly out of the 54 000 registered members in Brittany it is suggested that there is less than 6000 different people registered most having multiple log in addresses.

Pastry - contentious subject…!!!

I'm sure it's as much to do with people who frequent anonymous websites!! I had an argument on AI a couple of weeks ago about pastry, FFS! The worst thing was I was absolutely right and it disintegrated into a debate about whether Nestle lie about sugar in Herta pastry!! I ended up writing a complete tirade, because the poster was SO rude... I'm sure she wouldn't have been so rude if we knew her. Worst was she called me by my real name, rather than Lady Justine, my blogger name and alter-ego, as if to say she knew me!!! I was utterly outraged.

And then some person was trying desperately to get out of paying their bit of taxe fonciere on a new purchase; I kept saying 'See your notaire' but was generally ignored because I didn't join the 'don't pay it' awkward brigade - then got told I was an idiot by someone who hadn't even read it. I sent him a personal mail telling him to butt out and if he needed reading lessons, I'd pay, partly to see what the email address came back to - and it came back to a completely anonymous one saying 'Go F%^K yourself' - all he wants to do is argue and give bad advice. And I'm afraid anonymous forums do that. I live in fear of Mumsnetters with their vicious tongues, and anonymous, bitter Victor Meldrews. In fact, that's an insult to a beleaguered Mr Meldrew, since some of the people on forums are actually vindictive, nasty and downright horrible.

However, I've always felt like if I don't butt in and give some Emma-wisdom, it'd go to the dogs. I've a very high opinion of my word ;)

Seriously, I think all forums should be public and polite. That way they don't end up needing to be moderated to the Nth degree. Or not, and left as vicious attacks on good people in the case of Mumsnet and that ilk!!

My outtake is if you treat people like adults, they behave like adults…hence the lack of moderation on SFN!

Ah good old AI… I wonder whether they get trained that way by the Über-AI. Down here AI Riviera is the same, moderated no end always with the fishy excuse of laws, regulations etc. By now, you don’t even get notified anymore when your post gets taken out or edited. I also suspect that they have a black list, ie checking for certain user’s posts particularly. I am sure it isn’t easy to moderate a forum like that, but it should be do-able with a bit of common sense, no?

For those of you who want to exercise their french i'll find the address. But be warned its full of weirdoes. You may encounter all sorts of people wanting a brawl. It helps to speak breton as they discuss the arcanes of their language sometimes. If you spoke welsh, irish or gaelic or cornish thats your pals anyway. Beware of being recruited as an independantist as the french police monitors that site and THEY ARE GENERALLY ANTI FRENCH

yes tout de suite !

But he did not succeed in getting me having a facelift straight away! So i am still the winner.

Anyway the guy does not speak a work of english so he wont come here. language barrier is good for that....and he will change his pseudo of course.

Have a nice day Catherine. We are in haute vienne and snow has arrived but still timidly.

That is so unpleasant it is untrue. That is exactly the kind of thing I hate about (most) forums where people hide behind user names. Rest assured that should Lancelot ever show up here and make a similar comment, James will ride in on his virtual white charger and suspend him tout suite!

Hello dear,

i had the same adventure with an anglo info editor. They dont read the post properly and remove anything i write.And they send you back to their rules but my post does not come under them. Take courage and write to the moderator. Claudia B from haute vienne

I mean the moderator above the moderator ! I had also unpleasant tiff about a forum for bretons of Britanny. i had given the address of my site and some birth date unfortunately and the guy Lancelot came back saying i should have had a facelift a long time ago. and the guy styles himself lancelot to hide he is the anti-lancelot. I can't think of a forum which is so rough and insulting. It is in french and there are some sectarian blokes who recruit nasties for turning britanny into a mystical right wing society. I am sure the french police is watching the site for independantists.

I LOVE the SS officer analogy. Made me laugh out loud.

: )

There are a lot of people who need to find a Pages Jaunes!!

I still visit - not least because I'm an AI blogger (and there are some excellent blogs beginning which are uncensored and sometimes amusing, but lovely to read, like the ones on here!) but the moderation is sometimes extreme. Sometimes, I'm glad of that, though, because it seems just like it'll turn into a Mumsnet bitch-fight or free advertising for all... There are some really nasty people out there who have nothing better to do than be completely contrary and difficult. I like to be a difficult person back, though :) I have nothing better to do with my time :(

Unfortunately, it's not limited to AI... Mumsnet is a bitch-fest. I'm a moderator on a bipolar disorder site - and OMG you should see some of the stuff people put on there!! I've had a few things removed, which is a shame, but one of them was a link to Valerie's business site, so I kind of get that. If you've got a rule, even if there are too many of them, you still have standards which people can apply. On the other hand, some of the most rule-obsessed sites seem to attract Victor Meldrew and his clones. It's nice to have a site relatively free from rules. Having said that.... some 'unmoderated forums' are a haven for trolls and anonymous bitching. This has the right idea - you are who you are - and it's much less subversive. You just use common sense, as you would if you were talking in a group of people you have just met, or know quite well - and because you are who you are, there's no hiding behind anonymity.

My favourite troll was a guy on my own blog. He decided he didn't like my 'Hoorah, the witch is dead' post about the demise of certain UK quangos who were responsible for my utter cynicism about the teaching in Britain, and pointed out 700 people would be made unemployed. I replied that they were 700 people milking the state cow and throwing away the milk, and that complaining to me about it was like a German SS officer complaining to the UK about being put out of work once the concentration camps closed. He buggered off after that.

I quite often get into arguments with people online and I quite like putting them right. I really hope I haven't done it to anyone here ;-)

I have to say, I save my wrath for Mr Meldrew of the AI brigade. Once, some guy told me some nonsense on there about what you had to pay as an AE, and what you didn't. He was wrong. I sent him about 20 links proving his wrongness. He didn't come back.

A French teacher from a local school put an ad up for English people who'd come and walk with kids from her class, talking English and enjoying a walk for a couple of hours. She got some really negative responses saying 'I came here to learn French (that makes me laugh because so many people want English-speaking helplines etc!!) and so I decided to go. I met some wonderful people from across the Charente, all of whom use AI and all of whom were exactly my kind of people, just as you are. I'm guessing, as in classes, they are dominated by certain individuals who like to make a lot of fuss, hence requiring a heavy moderation. Also, having only one moderator, rather than a team, means that personal grudges can become an issue. I'd edit everything anyone said who I disagreed with!! (Hence, good as a team moderator, not as an individual, extending her 'Virtual World of Emma'

Wow. Long response. Had a lot to say. Must get back to AI to spout forth my wisdom to counteract the naysayers and the idiots who can't use pages jaunes.

Don’t talk to me about AI. I posted a ‘question’ and got a barage of insinuating and insulting replies. No-one actually answered the question I hasten to ad. I posted back stating the above and why was I being attacked by just asking a question and that I had not actually given an opinion on it and it got deleted. A girl can’t even defend herself!

James got banned for not including ‘his’ micro chip number when responding to a request from another rhodesian ridgeback owner to meet up for dog walks!!!

See my topic on this site “Time for Anglo info to close down” & you are far from alone. There is an army of us!

Believe me, it’s not just Anglo Info Dordogne. I hardly ever visit the Brittany site these days, it’s so over-moderated. We once had kittens to find homes for, and AI wouldn’t run the ads because the lack of microchip number meant we weren’t conforming to French law. So I found them all homes via Leboncoin and the local vets (with no microchip number).