Driving old diesel cars into Toulouse

Hi, can anyone advise please I’m due to fly to Toulouse in May, my sister who lives in Lauzerte is picking me up in her old Mercedes.
She’s been told that all diesel cars now have to have a permit to drive into the city and her car is three years over the allowed age limit and won’t be allowed to go into Toulouse!
Is this correct?

It’s interesting to hear that a three year old Mercedes is considered to be an old car. :slight_smile:
As far as I am aware Toulouse only has restrictions during periods of peak pollution and is not yet part of the Crit Air scheme full time. If I’m wrong I’m sure that a local will put me right. Your sister will be able to apply for a Crit Air vignette if one is necessary via their official web site, no three year old car, petrol or diesel will not meet the standard. They cost about €4.

Should that have read 3 years ‘too’ old - typo maybe?

I was actually hoping for some help and advice not some one to nit pick my post

Hi, the car is three years over the age limit, it is very old.

If the conditions are fine there are no restrictions and she can use her car.


I hope that wasn’t directed at me Michelle as I wasn’t nit picking your post - I was simply pointing out to Dominic that he may have misunderstood your original question because of you using the word ‘to’ instead of ‘too’. Irrelevant now as I note you have edited it to make sense ! :slight_smile: No need to apologise…:slight_smile:


Thank you, much appreciated

visit https://certificat-air.gouv.fr/

Also you do not need to enter the pollution zone to get to the airport so there should be no issues.

the sticker is a one time fee of around 4€

Harry has pointed out that to go to the airport you stay out of the possible exclusion zone so all is well.
Harry, the potential problem is that the car is too old to be classified for any Crit-Air vignette.


(EDITED as I made error in my wording)
No car is Restricted from crit air in Toulouse at present (Ie every car no matter the age can get one through the other channels if you cannot directly though the crit air website, There would be a department in Toulouse you would need to contact though

what they would get if its ont old enough to be a “classic” is a crit 5 sticker. which would be the first one not allowed in on a bad day.

Currently there is no restrictions on car age in Toulouse. this is not the same everywhere though.

Anyhow as I pointed out you do not need to go inside the city zone to go to airport, so you wont need to even obtian a crit stickers as its not nececry

blue is your sisters best route and the red is the crit zone.



Future restrictions planned for badge classes: Information currently unavailable.

Not allowed to drive (temporarily): Vehicles without a sufficiently high class of Crit’Air vignette, depending on the level and duration of the air pollution peak.

Not allowed to drive (permanently): Information currently unavailable.

there are currently zero vehicle restrictions in Toulouse at this time so all vehicles of all ages are currently allowed.

No one suggested that any car was exempt from having a Crit-Air vignette.

Wow thank you for all this info.

Kind regards



no worries hope it helps relieve the stress of travelling.

Harry, are you suggesting that if the simulation on the official website tells you that your car doesn’t fit into any category there are other places that will issue you with a vignette?

not tha I particuarly want to respond to you but here is the one you can contact at paris for cars too old: Old-timers in Paris
Due to an exception,“oldtimers” are allowed to drive in the ZCR zone Paris. Thus, they will not be penalised for violating the driving prohibitions in force, if they can prove that they are an “oldtimer”. For transport or business vehicles over 30 years of age, a special permit can be requested from the city of Paris. However, this is limited in time.
For more information about old-timers and the environmental zone in Paris, please write to dvd-zcr-derogation@paris.fr.
You can also send your request per post to the following address:
Mairie de Paris
Direction de la Voirie et des Déplacements,
« Dérogation zone à circulation restreinte »
121 av. de France
75639 Paris Cedex 13

As I stated

If you were refused and flt your car fitted into the old timer category.

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