Drones? Is it OK to throw rocks at them if they fly over your house and garden?

And that goes for the MP’s making the laws.

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Well actually if you downed a commercial drone then there is a law just the same as if you downed a spam can cessna - the same law applies. Downing a commercial drone operating legally and maybe even for the emergency services, chances are you wouldnt make it inside the house before the boys in blue were rattling the door knocker. If you down a drone bought in a supermarket then no law would probably apply - like you say “one for the legal eagles”

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Yes. Graham. :smiley: Songs usually infinitely preferable to arrows, sticks /stones etc. However, of all the Peace and Love people I have met so far, I have yet to find one who would not resort to violence under his/her own preferred circumstances. I’m not enthusiastic about destroying property or damaging people but, so far, can think of no way better to deal with certain circumstances than to pick up the nearest weapon and mash whoever it is, to pulp, unless of course they might be stopped, immediately, by some other way… You wouldn’t do that? What if you came home to find someone you loved being abused, tortured, murdered? As has happened, for millions of people around the world. Would you break into a song? Maybe a song and dance? Nope. Im not copping out of the search for peace, I want a more effective way than singing songs, to prevent deliberate, intentional cruelty/ destructive behavior. So where do drones snapping photos, fit into the scale of deliberate abuse? I think, its almost impossible to generalize. One mans torture is another’s entertainment? :slight_smile: sokay…I know! All said before, better, by x k others…

Yes, how true. Roger, And of course, much would depend on how fat the wallet full of cash the victim was able to present for Legal Eagles of his choice. Anyone who sits through a few real trials to watch the non TV “justice” taking place, needs only a fragment of brain to spot the difference between top quality, and bargain basement defense/prosecution.

Reminded by the Grace, of the SF BOT… To say Welcome Roger. Hello and happy posting.

And no one should have to pay for “justice” anyway. The wealthier the crook, the better lawyer and better chance to be set free…can’t be right… I’m a fan of the DNA orgs that are discovering innocent people …sometimes decades after lousy ‘justice’ administered, eg… https://www.innocenceproject.org/

You are absolutely right, Maxime, about abuse by photos snapping. I read quite a bit, about when drones might be OK to use in the circumstance I found myself. And of course, the answer is never. Very low, very menacing…‘territory rape’. I would have destroyed it, not because it was an illegal drone, but because I had no real idea what it was, only that it terrified me and the cat.
I investigated possibilities after, looked at my house from the bridge the thing had been launched from, and it was clear that any fly-past would be impossible, without careful control and possible planning. Its quite densely treed and bushed, with a narrow clear passage. Not so much tree cover that the house can’t be recognized as such. The bridge is no more than about 50 metres away. The catapult? Nah…I’d hit something, but unlikely to be the right target. Next time… call the cops.

Terry and drone lovers, After reading links, considering cops and laws, etc, my conclusion so far, is that the blokes operating this drone, knew what they were doing, knew they must be breaking laws, but didn’t give a toss, and carried on …but why?
One, or two… QUESTIONs…remain, for experts. How easy is it, to communicate with a drone, and get it to fly in a certain direction? How controllable is it? It hovered for a while, very close by, if there had been no elder bush and vines etc, it would have been eyeball to eyeball, with me and the cat. Would its “driver” know that? Would he be able to see the images the drone could see? And direct it to stay or leave?
There’s no way that the house could not be seen, as a house

Next time, Stella. First buzz anywhere near me or the cat. I read all the links. France is very civilized, in protecting everyone from aggressive snapping and droning etc. Laws similar in Japan, you have to have permission, or take a chance on prosecution.


From what you have described, then the operator would have seen the house etc., as they get a live picture from the drone camera.

Secondly, the operator should at all times be able to see the drone from where they are with the naked eye or have a lookout to assist if the drone had to fly around an object - this has to be done for doing roof inspections on large complex structures. So you should have been able to see where the operator was.

If the drone was that low, then the operator is putting people (that are not under your control) in danger because if something goes wrong, you do not want a head on meeting with 4 or 6 spinning blades !

I would suggest that if it happens again, you could try and take a picture of it yourself, also look around to see if you can see the operator and you could call the gendarmes and they would review the operators legal documents (if there were any!)

Unfortunately, these type of operators give us guys a bad reputation !!!

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Hee, hee…
Here’s another possible solution - Remote Taser function :wink:


Best part, no come-backs. Looks just like an electrical fault!

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!!! Wot!!! Tracy!! You think they were coming for me? Hmm.fogies quite often descend into paranoia! So I’m never sure…what to think… “Howard Hughes–the billionaire aviator, motion-picture producer and business tycoon–spent most of his life trying to avoid germs. Toward the end of his life, he lay naked in bed in darkened hotel rooms in what he considered a germ-free zone.” Or…was that a suggestion for me to invest in a minitaser? There’s a list of worthy self defence tools that are permitted in France, and tasers figure, but whatever you carry, mustn’t kill anything further than 20 meters? Feet? Away. If that drone had a fitted taser, it could have blasted me and the cat to kingdom come… :fearful:

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You live and learn! :laughing: Although, I thought that was Michael Jackson, or am I getting the 2 confused? :thinking: lol

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That is quite, well, extra worrying…because if they could really see what they were doing, and hovering so close to me and my cat…why? Its as if they must have been casing the joint… There’s no other properties nearby. Just nothing, isn’t this whole drone scene, making country properties easy targets, for thieves? . They can sit in a deckchair fishing, while examining every way in or out. Ive had stuff nicked before. Two boats and a big strimmer. I didn’t see the blokes to begin with, though he could probably see and hear me. I didnt realize it was a machine. Yep. Big security needed. Rottweilers. Tasers …

If a drone flies low over you and your private space, try to photograph it and, in any case, report the matter to the Gendarmes . 'nuff said.

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:grin:. Quite a stylish way to go if you can afford it, for anyone. I’m thinking of a zip up leak proof body bag, for me. :smile:

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Well there’s a thought.
Have you considered (with the help of a hoover) one of those vacuum bags?
I hear they keep you fresher for longer and you will take up less space! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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DIY would be too tricky in that case. Maybe somebody will do a YouTube vid…:smiley:

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Masses of burglaries already using drones, in UK. . Report drone use anywhere near houses, in villages etc. A perfect tool for thieves.

Unfortunately with all technological advances. There will always be some (the minority) that will abuse and use to their own advantage.
The case of drones being a very good example. They are practical, cost effective and useful logistically and in various other capacities for all manner of applications.
But the surveillance and other capabilities can, if misused have a detrimental effect.
However I believe the majority of drone enthusiasts are responsible and law abiding citizens.
The criminal element is negligible.

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Except they are so noisy they draw attention to themselves which is the last thing the average burglar wants

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