Drought-resistant gardens


We are planning to set up several drought-resistant garden beds. I have been searching for ages trying to find suppliers of drought-resistant plants and shrubs in France with limited success. However, a friend recently suggested that I try googling ‘plantes pour sol sec’. It opened up a pandora’s box of information!

For those who are interested, below is a list of specialist drought-resistant nurseries in the south-west. I’ve been through their web sites and feel that we will find all that we need for the new gardens. The first one is the other side of Cahors and the other two are a bit further away, south of Toulouse.

Les senteurs du Quercy

Mas de Fraysse


Tel: 05 65 21 01 67

Port: 06 61 02 72 34

Web site: http://www.senteursduquercy.com

Le Jardin de Taurignan

La Morére

09160 Taurignan Castet

tél. 05 61 66 57 70

port. 06 45 58 10 86


Web site: http://www.lejardindetaurignan.com/index.php

Les Roses Anciennes du Jardin de Talos

Yan Surguet

"Talos" 09190 Taurignan-Vieux

Tél. : 05 61 66 30 70

Port: 06 87 15 70 74

Email : yan@rosesanciennes-talos.com

Web site: http://www.rosesanciennes-talos.com

Le Jardin de Flore

13430 Riders path EYGUIERES

Tel: 06 71 26 50 91

Email: web@lejardindeflore.com

Web site: www.lejardindeflore.com

So . . . my question is, given that we have pure clay soil, how much do I need to do to the soil for drought-resistant plants and shrubs. Do I need to dig out the clay and replace it with good quality top soil?



Good animal manure and sand with wood chipping mulch on top and patience reworking it for several years. No hey presto, but kind of a hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy prestoooooooooooooooooooo slowly.