Drought/Secheresse 2023

things are definitely worse than last year… already.


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Here in the PO, the apricot orchards have had the fruit removed in many fields so that the trees will get any water that there is and be saved for next year, hence fruit will be very expensive this summer and we will probably have to buy the tiny spanish apricots and peaches/nectarines instead which are inferieur in quality and taste.

The map in the article is a bit misleading, certainly in some cases. I’m in 11, which is shown as alerte renforcée. In truth, a very small bit of Aude on the border of Pyrénées-Orientales is in alerte renforcée and the vast majority is in vigilance.
Edit: After returning from the UK, I’ll be going up to the reservoir above us to take a look at the levels. We have, thankfully had some rain whilst I was away and just before I went there was 2 days and nights of decent rain. Unfortunately it seems as though none of that ventured south to @Shiba in PO.

No it hasn’t I am afraid Yesterday morning son and grandson turned up on bike for a quick visit and just as they were going, it started to spit and spot but did not even wet the steps. The rivers seem quite full and fast flowing especially the Agly and the Tet nearby but that, I think is from the last of the melting snow on the peaks coming down. I have noticed the police municipal who are one side of this lotissement and the gendarmes on the other side have put in more presence recently as there is still a lot of building work going on and obviously pools are going too so they are going round to check most likely and in my son’s village, some folks have been denouncing others for using water outside.

The above article/map was issued 25th April 2023…

This article was updated/re-issued 21st April 2023

I suspect it’s an ongoing/movible situation… with each Prefecture tightening their rules… or relaxing them… accordingly.

Wandered up to the Cascade Brisecou above Autun this morning. Last September there was no flow at all, but today it was there.

Hopefully it won’t run dry this year, though it might naturally be seasonal.

Looks good… having profited from winter rains…

I love the sound of water… be it rippling over rocks… or tumbling from a height. marvellous.

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And in Devon there is a hosepipe ban.

In Devon ???

As far as I recall… it rained every single day… at some point… :rofl: : :rofl:

Obviously things have changed over the years… :wink:

Not for Aude. The situation here hasn’t changed since we entered vigilance near the end of March. It just seems as though the map portrays the whole of a department as being in the state that the worst part is, even if it’s a tiny bit.

Only a guess… but possibly because underground water tables are… not just just in one part of the department… :wink:

I’ve noticed that within departments, if one can fine-tune an investigation… there are often patches which are OK… but the whole dept is asked to be careful… so must be good reasoning by the experts or they’d be being hauled over the coals (I would have thought).

Yep! Already! Quite extraordinary.
Izzy x

as at 17th June 2023

I’m sure other Depts have their own maps…

for dept 22

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Apologies if I’ve already posted this somewhere… brain is frazzled… :wink:

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En c rise here, still no rain despite meteo for heavy torrential rain last weekend which never materialised. Now they are saying that 1 out of every two houses will suffer cracking due to the clay we live on drying out. Strangely there is a lot of greenery everywhere, my weeds are flourishing and the trees are in full leaf so it must be coming from somewhere. Apparently bookings here for the camp sites are well down on previous years as people are worried they will face restrictions, have no swimming pools and get burned alive if the fires continue to break out.

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We’re going to a campsite near Vernet-les-baines in PO tomorrow for a short break. We love the mountains and love the area. If there’s no swimming pool then that’s how it should be. After last summer, we’re pretty anal about saving water, and it’s become second nature.


All so a few can drink bottled water but probably hundreds of km’s away.

Thats the posh water the Parisiennes drink, well the ones I know do. I have noticed Cristaline has been tasting different recently, a lot stronger and bitter than previously but it does come from different sources.

Underground water levels are outlined here… Red is very low…through to dark Blue which is very high (only 1 of those)…