Dual Nationality in France told to go to court to again be allowed to vote

As a dual nationality resident in France I used my British passport to register to vote. Last week I was told that my right to vote has been removed due to Brexit. I wrote back to the mayor giving a copy of my Irish passport, but they responded to say that “the procedure is to go to the judicial court of Périgueux before the municipal elections so that it can rule on this request.”
I have had experience with this ‘court’ and am well aware that it takes years and costs thousands of Euros to pretend to deal with this simplest of matters, and thus ask if anyone has experience of simply registering again instead of annulling this ridiculous waste of time.
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I’ve had dual nationality all my life Kenneth. When I first lived in France back in 1981 I did so as a British citizen. But when I bought a house here in 2004 and retired here in 2011 I did so as an Irish citizen, for no special reason. So some of my paperwork (eg livret de Famille from 1982) says I’m British and some says I’m Irish. One document even says I was born in Lambeth, Ireland. It’s never been a problem.
I suspect this is just Brexit fog and confusion. I’d give them short shrift if I were you and just get a letter stating they’re referring your “case” to the Court and then send it off to the Irish Embassy in Paris for their comments. They won’t be too happy if an irish citizen is being refused their rights as an EU citizen.

Oh dear… what a pity this has come to light so late… :roll_eyes: when did you try and Register to Vote as Irish/eu ???

(wish I had had the chance to Register under another nationality… :wink:

I have UK passport and an Irish Passport. I mentioned this to one of the adjoints in the Mairie several months ago and she had my wife and I fill in voting registration forms and the other day my voting card arrived marked “Irlandais”.I presume I will need to produce my passport on Sunday. (Along with my own pen, according to the news tonight). My wife with solely a UK passport has been told she can’t vote because of Brexit.

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The letter I had from the Maire here recommended that those people of Anglo-French citizenry (holding passports issued by each of the two authorised agencies) should register their entitlement to hold office and/or vote using their French passports or Identity cards.

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The way i see it, the mayor is correct. It is your fault as you registered under the UK passport. If you had registered as both things might not be too bad. Like one poster said, write to the Irish consulate and see what they have to say. No one could know the implications of the brexshit.

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I appreciate the responses from John Scully, Stella Wood, John Burnside, Peter Goble and yourself Roger for your time spent on this subject.
The Irish Embassy in Paris were EXCELLENT in helping and settling this clearly and simply.
In case someone else is in the same situation I forward the answer I got from the embassy below and hope it clears confusion.:

I spoke with your local town hall this morning. They confirmed that you have been struck off the voting list, because when you registered in 2015 your nationality was noted as British. I have also contacted the Prefecture in Périgeux and they too confirmed that if you wish to vote in the forthcoming elections March 2020 , you will have to pass by the Tribunal to change your status.

However, if you decide to wait until after the present elections, you can simply register with the town hall as an Irish citizen using you Irish passport. Unfortunately this would mean that you will not be able to vote in the March local elections.

I wish all those at Survive France a happy week and am grateful to everyone for their fast help in sorting out this situation.