Duck hearts

Anyone tried these yet… and if so… what recipe…

Had a dish yesterday. Whole, tiny hearts in a clear “gravy”… very easy to eat, looked chewy, but NO… great…

En brochette, poêlées, the way you would do gésiers.

I’ve gone onto Google and am probably going to try them à l’ancienne…

OH was not impressed… but I think he would/might enjoy them in a spicy sauce… (he enjoyed the alternative plat, confit de poule, but he did try one heart)

Apart from Vero… does anyone eat Duck Hearts… ???

I do, generally in a two mustard sauce on toast.

Sorry, it just doesn’t “sound” right to eat duck hearts, IMO🤔

I raised the question at tonight’s Fete Committee meeting…

The folk agreed they were delicious… talked about different sauces … and have explained where I can locate a local supplier…

It does sound a bit Snow-White’s evil stepmother or other Grimm tale.

If you listened closely @vero you might hear a plaintive ghostly quack “I paddled, waddled and flapped around in the cold muddy world for eighteen months for you to swallow a spoonful of my piteous, quivering anatine soul, you monster!”

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Ox heart is delicious and I suppose duck heart is just the other end of the spectrum… little and large… both have their place in my kitchen…

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You SUPPOSE duck heart!? JUST the end of the spectrum!!? May you suffer a duck-surrounded Ophelian fate!! :weary::cold_sweat::grinning:

Ha ha… Peter… honestly… duck heart is so much like gesiers… don’t knock what you’ve never tried.

I was impressed that OH agreed to eat one… he is not usually so adventurous (despite so many years of Stella-Specials)…:upside_down_face::smiley::smiley:

I couldn’t tempt Berlina to try the two pink pigeon breasts I’d saved for her. They are still sitting mournfully in the freezer. :frowning:

I was brought up in a large family where, if you didn’t eat what was on your plate… you went without… :upside_down_face:

and, if you took too long to eat what was on your plate… a brother would stab his fork into (whatever) and you went without… :upside_down_face:

there was always a lovely smell from the kitchen and if something was not instantly recognizable, who cared… we knew better than to ask… try it and see would be the reply.

This upbringing has left me with an adventurous culinary spirit… :wink:

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You can always use them with the rest of the giblets and dry fry them to make a delicious stock for a sauce or gravy.

Duck is one of my favorite meats & has been since a child coming in second is partridge. We would always ask Mother for the heart as we’d been good :slight_smile: & my sister would get the heart if she had been better good than me. In any dispute or equal goodness it would be cut in half.

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Sounds a little like the way we kids “fought” over who got the beef jelly to put on their dripping-on-toast… now that was really yummy…