DuckDuckGo's Email Protection Service Explained

Do you have an opinion on this service @graham?

I’m looking at it in more detail and will get further info on it.
That said. it introduces another layer which may be unwelcome for some but since I’m using email clients entirely on Linux, I don’t seem to suffer greatly from “issues” that I might otherwise under windoze.
May be interesting to see how it rolls out before committing to it (you have to join a queue initially).

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Whatever they say it requires one to trust DuckDuckGo, I’m also curious about their claim that they don’t save the emails which does beg the question of how they cope with server failure while handling email.

Also, the presence of tracking links feeds into spam detection algorithms - I would think there is at least the possibility of seeing more spam if stripping dangerous links makes the email seem safer to your mail host’s spam filters.

Finally, you seem to have to wait to sign up which is a bit odd (and can only do so on the mobile app ?)

It will be interesting to hear Graham’s experience when he has had time to give it a go.

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Thanks billy but not convinced yet that I will “give it a go” so much as more likely will explore further and obtain more qualified opinion about it.
Sometimes, these claims are too good to be true and you know what they say about that… I tend to agree that tinkering with emails in transit to their destination is curious and the service for the moment is limited to yahoo and gmail IIRC. There are other email services which offer more security worthy of consideration too - see this article from It’s FOSS ProtonMail seems a good candidate and the one that first came to mind.
I posted the link for general interest - not because I’m considering it. I like the DDG concept for browsing and think that they should concentrate on their core product rather than branch out in to this arena.
All my emails are non-contentious these days anyway and fewer and far between than in the past so I’m not desperate to get up close and personal with the concept but thanks for your interesting viewpoint.

Mmmm, the old cynic in me asks “how does DDG make money?”. I’m always a bit wary of free stuff, though I use a lot of it, VLC, Handbreak, etc. etc. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks to your link Graham I just discovered it’s not a problem for me from this Autumn :wink:

DuckDuckGone :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Good link. For years I been saying Google and Facebook are advertising companies, not technology companies. It annoys me that the media can’t see this.

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Good link billy, thanks. Explains it well.

Further explanation here from It’s FOSS. The font used is curious so perhaps use your browser’s read mode - CtrlAltr in Firefox (and the same to turn it off) to make it easier to read.

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Excellent article - thanks for posting.