Duel citizenship

Does anyone happen to know what I would have to do to get my duel citizship to be able to live in both France & the U.S. I was born in France my Mother was French) I already have certified paper work to bring to the Embassy in Paris.I couldn’t get through the embassy here in Florida(Miami).No one ever answers phone or even seem to return emails. : ( I am hoping to start a Business in Marseilles where I have family. Thank You, Merci,

P.S. I am going to Marseilles In April

Oh Marika thanks so much. Good luck with that. I don’t know if you know this but now you have to have a certificat de nationalité française to get your passport or any national identity papers. My friend had a rough time getting it for her child. Her story sounds like yours. She was born in Germany to a German mother and French father.Her father was naturalized because his mother was Polish and his father was French but they weren’t married at the time of his birth. At that time, he could only be Polish. When he turned 18 he was nationalized and became French and served in the military. When my friend came to France, she got her nationality with no problem because she had a French parent. However, when she had her child the law changed. She needed to get her father’s military service records because they weren’t going to allow her child to have the French nationality without showing that her father had done his military service. Here is the infohttp://vosdroits.service-public.fr/F1051.xhtml. Good luck. You don’t look fifty at all. I thought you were thirty.

I need the French Yes, even though I was born in France on a Military Base becasue my parents did not apply for duel I am now doing it at 51 yrs of age,I am Blessed to have family in France & speak the language : ) Not perfectly but I do well.
So Yes I was told from Embassy(I live in Melbourne Florida)About 3 hrs away to get certified copies of marriage & divorce My birth Certif ,my mothers as well & that should do it,My garndparents lived in Armenia & fled to Paris during the geniocide & had 7 children,Unfortunatly both my parents have passed my father was in the US miltitary & met my mother in Paris.I am interested in possibly living in both France &(Marseilles)& The US & I hope to be able to have my Health Care In France.
I appreciate any information you have given me Thank You so Much,Jennifer
By The way, Your daughters are beautiful! Tres Belle! :slight_smile:

I’m a bit confused. Which citizenship do you need? If you need French citizenship you need to get a copy of the livre de famille from your mother and you need to get a copy integrale of your birth certificate and get a certificat de nationalité française. That is all you need to do. You’ll get your passport and voilà. You are already French. You were born in France to a French mother, you are French. If your father is American and you need papers proving that. You just get a certified copy of your birth certificate and proof of his presence in the US for a period of ten years prior to your birth. Then you’ll get nationality if you don’t already have it. I’m going through the same thing with my girls. I made sure my daughters were dual nationals before they were adults so they wouldn’t have to fool with the paperwork themselves. Good luck.