Dumbing Down

This morning on the Today Programme they were giving out the sports results over the weekend and apparently we gained a new champion on the uneven bars. What ever happened to the asymmetric ones?

Have you come across anything like this and especially in french?

Your definition was interesting Tracy. One thing I find strange here is that they have music, playing very loudly, when they are show jumping. Perhaps music and barres go together?

Big smiley Vic :-)

Emm, we're slow to change in Burgundy, thats why we have a snail as an emblem! From my daughters club page, mind you I can't imagine the French getting their tongue around 'uneven' lol

En 1948, lors des jeux de Londres les barres parallèles sont définitivement remplacées par les barres asymétriques dans le programme féminin
La largeur de la poutre est fixée à à l'occasion des Jeux olympiques de Londres en 1948.
La musique accompagne les démonstrations au sol depuis 1958.
C'est d'abord un pianiste qui assure l'ambiance musicale, puis on a recours à des sequences pré-enregistrées.

I wasn't vey good at them either, my daughter is not very flexible but she is very strong (her German heritage coming through)

Glad to see that Burgundy is following tradition, as per usual.

Hers my princess the other week on the 'barres asymmetriques' here in Burgundy!![](upload://msIplEMA1GMvExo50NoKTV9YXMu.jpg)

In my time I saw lots uneven bars. Often I found saloon bars very uneven compared to public bars, where the beer was even a little bit cheaper! So-called pubs that were attached to hotels and had a single bar were always terrible uneven. As for asymmetric, well after a few jars an awful lot of the seemed to lose symmetry. As for champions, I lay no claim myself, but there were a few masters of bending the right elbow!

I remember them as being referred to as asymmetric bars and never mind whether it is the IOC or the BBC or politicians. In my experience it has always been those of the left persuasion that try to make everything function at the same level.
Dumbing down is as bad as the appalling pc jargon and office jargon, where they use convoluted speech where one or two words is much preferable.

Jane, great subject.
I think we have been dummed down by all media.
Newspapers are written with a point of view, as is the news.
Can anybody honestly answer where the truth lies?