Dummy Website

Is it possible to set up a dummy website or just a few pages, using Wordpress? I wanted to do this as a trial for a possible site but not linked to mine.

Thank you very much for your offer, I would be interested. I have been asked to set up a few pages that would also include buying options just to see what is possible.

I didn't realise it was!

I do have a wordpress site and a domaine/host but wanted to set up a some sample pages for someone to look at.

I'd sign up on wordpress.com in that case

In fact I just wanted to set up a couple of pages before deciding about domain and hosting.

Your hosting service should be able to give you private space so that you can sort everything out before going public. I use www.tsohost.com who offer one click installation of Wordpress.

Perfectly possible, you can get a free site on Wordpress.com. If you want your own domain name you will have to buy one and pay for hosting but that needn't cost a fortune.

I have also been thinking about this so would be interested in the replies too.