After many years of marriage, I have finally persuaded 'im indoors to eat dumplings! Trouble is, I can’t remember the consistency, how gloopy/stiff the mix should be. We’re using veggie suet, if that makes any difference. Interesting recipes welcome.

I find that provided there is plenty of liquid for them to absorb, they will be very fluffy - also cover the pan when they have been added.

It is best to make the balls quite soft - don't be tempted to squeeze them into hard balls - it's more difficult for the cooking liquid to penetrate the centres then.

Nathalie (OH) makes wonderful dumplings, fluffy on the inside, crispy on top. Ooh I could just eat some now.

We use a French "cocotte" and we always cook them in the mince and carrots etc. Only just enough room on top for the dumplings.


Thanks everyone, ours were rather solid but I remember my mum’s as being light and fluffy…

Hi, 100g of self raising flour, 50g of vegetable suet, pinch of salt, approx 5 tablespoons of cold water or enough to make firm but pliable dough. Volila.

Hi - it's half fat to flour - so if you use 100g of flour, then it's 50 of suet. Add a bit of salt, and cook them for 20 minutes.

Regarding consistency, add enough water to bind together so you can form into small balls.

One other thing to remember: They really swell up, so allow plenty of room for the expansion - also it is better to thicken your cooking liquid after you have cooked the dumplings as they need a thin liquid to cook properly.

Hope that helps.