Dutch couple, responsible, enthousiastic, animal-lovers, available for longterm housesitting/ or renting in "the Gers"

We are a dutch couple and at the moment we live in Montestruc-sur-Gers and are homesitting here on a farm during the winter, untill mid March.

I am originally an artist (mother of 4 grown-up children), and found myself a job as AgentCo for a real estate agency in Condom.

My partner has his own parquet/wooden floor enterprise and is going to continuate his "artisan" work here.

We have fallen in love with The Gers and would like to stay here and eventually settle down when we have bought our own maison en pierre.

In the mean time we are looking to rent a house or to continue housesitting and always eager to help create a warm and inspiring environment to live and work in.

Even if this means temporarilly because we are looking for something ar least for 6 months and if likeable for longer.

Does anybody knows a house, max 30 km distance from Condom, to sit or to rent for minimal 6 months? We would be very grateful if you would contact us for further informations.