E-carte bleu not working

Does anyone know why e-carte bleu would suddenly not recognise my identifiant and password? I rang the bank (Caisse d’Ep) and they said I should use Secur’ Pass, which I do, but that only seems to work on the mobile, and does not replace the carte blue function. I got the impression from the bank that Secur’ Pass has replaced e-carte, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. My only other option seems to be to make an appt to see the bank counsellor, which I really don’t have time to do. She speaks too fast for me on the phone.

Sorry, I can’t help with your problem other than to suggest you do go and speak with someone face to face.

good luck

EDIT: Are you able to email your counsellor???

Yes, that’s my next approach - thanks.
I just thought that someone else here might have had the same problem.