E Leclerc Energie for electricity

Hello all,

Have just (very easily) switched our electricity to Leclerc after being drawn in by the 20% back in fidelity points offer, spending some time being very skeptical and searching for the downside, checking with a colleaugue who used to work for EDF and finally deciding that there was no good reason not to!

Online switch was so easy, prices are indeed identical to EDF, contract starts tomorrow and between our house and the gites, should give us at least 200€ in money-back savings on shopping every year.

Will have “parrainage” codes soon to give other people extra savings if they want to switch - contact me if interested and I’ll try to remember to post an update for those who aren’t yet convinced.

Have a great day everyone!

Hi Danielle,
We looked at this and I would highly recommend it. In the end having also done an online comparison, we went with Total because although the cash savings were less than in terms of the Leclerc vouchers, I don’t really shop at Leclerc as much as Intermarché (works out cheaper being a famille nombreuses!) - but if you are a Leclerc shopper, it is a great offer!

Interesting. Do you find Intermarché cheaper than Leclerc for everyday shopping? I find Leclerc to be the best value of all around here and tend to use it even though both the Intermarché and SuperU are closer.

Our nearest Leclerc is 65 kms away so only go there a few times a year. Our Super U (25 kms) is more expensive than our local (12km) Intermarché.

We have to go to Macon or Charolles for Intermarche and Macon for Leclerc.
The best for vegetables that we don’t grow ourselves is Netto in Cluny, which has Atac and a Carrefour Market.
There is a Super U in Saint Bonnet, but I have yet to work out their stocking pattern, it seems totally random.

For me yes as I get 10% off all their own brand products. Otherwise yes, Leclerc is probably the cheaper of the big names. I do the bulk of it in Lidl though as cheaper than anywhere else.


There are many Leclerc stores in Brittany (the founder being a Breton I believe) so we have a grand selection and it has become our ‘go to’ supermarket. It is best for value and choice. We do not exclude any of the others and will shop elsewhere but in general terms Lidl is the alternative closely followed by Intermarche. We find Carrefour to be noticeably more expensive.
I would consider Leclerc therefore for energy but would be wary of it being an introductory offer type deal whereby their tariffs eventually blend with EDF or even exceed. I have frequently found when switching phone companies in various countries that I inevitably end up back with the main provider for various reasons.