E.Leclerc Energie - new elecricity offer 2021

Just wondering if your electrics are OK… are they ancient or modern ??

9KW is fine for us… we often have dishwasher/kettle/oven/microwave on at the same time as well as normal electrical stuff elsewhere… and nothing trips…


They are very modern, the whole place rewired 2 years ago. I may have been using a little creative license there @Stella :joy:, it’s not quite that bad, but I do have 3 different buildings using the supply, at times all at once, so the extra 3kVA could come in handy on occasion, and the increase in the standing charge is minimal really.

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I use a 1000W kettle. Just in case I would accidentally have too many items on. This takes the biggie out of the equation so I never have to worry.

My Linky trips if you breathe on it so I am cut off multiple multiple times per year by it. As soon as there’s lightning it seems to trip - the standard meter never did.

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I must admit I’ve never thought to actually look. The (french) electrician did a very British sharp intake of breath and tutted when he saw the vast array of electrical appliances he had to install in my new kitchen so I knew I was dicing with death, or dicing with the trip switch, in the kitchen, but it’s very rare it overloads, but yeah, I guess I should have looked at the things I could do something about such as the kettle. I tend to come a cropper as I say when you’ve got 3 kettles on in 3 different buildings all at once lol

There are three different tariffs. The cheapest is Online and Green.

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Yes, that’s what I’ve been looking at. I was quite surprised to see it more for 12kVA.



There’s a comparateur on the quechoisir website. Maybe another provider is better for you.

7432368 - it doesn’t say what you get, I get €30 off at the end of the year when they work it out plus an extra tree planted! probably the same, it usually is! Thank you.

I used your link. Not much good to me as I have to buy 60 Euros of equipment from them to save 20. Still, at least you get something and even a tree as well!

Tory, I looked at the Mint site and tarriffs - all seems good. And they are partners with one of my heroes, Sebastiao Sagado, the Brazilian photographer, with his exhibition of Amazonia, in collaboration with Jean Michel Jarre and the Philharmonie de Paris

He was an architect. Many years ago he gave his wife a camera as a present - but he ended up using it. He has gone on to become one of the greatest reportage photographers ever. He works in black and white.

He became internationally renowned with his 1986 photographs of the Sierra Pelada gold mine, in Brazil. Stunning pictures of an incredible scene. He has been criticised for making very beautiful images of difficult or distressing subjects but there’s no rule that says that a reportage photograph cannot in itself be an aesthetically supreme creation. And Salgado’s invariably are.

Regrettably the book of the exhibition is beyond my budget …

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IMO Mint are crap.

Just received an email from them informing me that they are dropping their Classic & Green contract wef 1st November, and are proposing their the new FLEX & GREEN market indexed offer. This is based on actual consumption; the rates change monthly based upon wholesale costs; and there is no HP/HC option.

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I got that too but dont’ really understand what it will mean in terms of what I’m paying, do you understand Nigel?

I’ve attached a copy of Mint’s Flex & Green tariff wef 01/10/2021.

I’m on a 18kVA supply, so including TVA, the rates applicable to me at that date would be:
monthly abonnement: 24.68 euros and price per kWh 0.2579

In comparison, the rates for Classic and Green when I signed up to Mint in February 2021 were:
monthly abonnement: 21.63 euros, price per kWh HP 0.1721 and price per kWh HC 0.1290.

So Mint not only wanted me to commit to a far higher tariff, but also reserve the right to increase the tariff. “Dans ce cadre, le prix Hors Toutes Taxes du kWh est variable et peut donc évoluer chaque mois sans préavis.”, which translates as: "In this context, the price excluding all taxes per kWh is variable and may therefore change each month without notice."

I contacted Mint via Facebook and asked why they were still advertising the other ‘old’ tariffs on their website and was informed that these tariffs are still valid. Which is true, but only for another 3 weeks or so.
I also asked whether the Flex and Green tariff was the only one available to me. No response.
I asked the same question again. Still no response.
I then informed Mint that I would be raising a complaint via the energy ombudsman

Mint then informed me that I was free to find another supplier.
I’ve subsequently signed up with Wekiwi.
Their 18kVA tariff is:
monthly abonnement 24.64 euros
per kWh HP 0.1572 euros
per kWA HC 0.1189 euros.
MINT_ENERGIE_Fiche_Tarifs_8000_FLEX_GREEN.pdf (110.9 KB)

I’m starting from scratch with my new home [RV with notary Tues 12/10] so this topic is top of the to-do list.

I had superb service in every way from Iberdrola in Spain, including my ‘customer area’ - a very slick interactive affair - in perfect Eng, so I am inclined to go with them. Their tarriff seems competitive - there are cheaper but if I get the same level of c/s I am happy to pay a small premium for it.


I ran my finger down every line of every18kVA option on WEKIWI but could not find Nigel’s tarriff. Perhaps there are additional discounts which I did not dial in.

I went for a group purchasing offer via Selectra that I had expressed an interest in some time ago.

Mint didnt cover our area so we went for Planet Oui who were the next lowest cost provider. All went smoothly. Discount code for introducing others also.

I’m on Mint online and green, their cheapest tariff, as long as you aren’t over 9 kVA. No sign of them stopping/changing it yet.

That is an enormous difference in price! I can’t beleive they can up it / change it so much :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: How annoying, we’ll have to change. Made more complicated by the fact that they have my cheque energies and I think there is still a month or so left. I’ll have to check.

Are you sure Rachman? I’m on the 9kw and I’ve had 2 emails about it.

I havent’ got the energy today but will get onto looking at the other options this week.

All I got was one email about the rising energy prices in general but nothing specific about any rise in my tariff.


We are updating our tariff tables for electricity: from November 1, the price per kWh for your SAFE * offer is now 0.1678 € including tax.

What is the impact for you?

You’ve probably heard it already in recent weeks: Electricity prices are experiencing an unprecedented rise in the energy markets.

Because we want to continue to make green energy accessible to everyone, we have limited the impact on prices as much as possible: this will represent an average increase of 3.5% HTT on the price of your consumption (excluding subscription).

Why an update of the rates?

Soaring market prices are already having a strong impact on the prices offered by many suppliers.

The current prices could lead, if no help was put in place, to an increase in EDF’s state-regulated tariffs by 12% including tax during the next annual update in February.

Although working directly with producers to provide you with 100% green electricity, we are not immune to the consequences of this situation: the rates negotiated with them are indeed indexed to market prices.

We have done our best to postpone the increase in our prices, it will be effective from November 1st.

What are the government’s aid mechanisms?

The government has decided to grant exceptional energy checks from December for precarious households. If you are eligible, don’t forget to send it to us when the time comes> find out more.

He also just announced this evening the implementation of a tax cut from February to reduce the electricity bill.
We hope you understand the reasons for this increase and that you will stay with us so that together, we continue to contribute to the development of green energy.

Our Lille customer service is at your disposal if you have any questions on the subject!

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