Eagles taught to attack Drone intruders

Eagle v Drone … no contest… but a little fine-tuning is obviously necessary…

Worth reading and watching the video of these incredible birds…

old news. other countries been doing it for awhile now, glad to see france has caught on. Personally as drones go i feel they are able breach privacy laws and should be banned on private land, ie on flying or filming over private land.

This is in today’s newspaper…albeit talking also about earlier events as well, but I don’t recall anyone posting it before… :thinking:

Anyway, what do you think of the Golden Eagle, Harry… we have many raptors locally, but none as magnificent as this one…

eagles hawks, all the same to me. birds of prey. Unfortunately its got feathers and feathers do not interest me. Before he passed my dad shot 2 drones out of the sky.

drones can be useful. Yet they are used to do all sorts of things without permission.

the only eagle i ever liked was Eddie the Eagle

Not old news as in old news on here but old news as birds of prey have been trained for ages for take out drones.

Gracious Harry… your Dad shot drones out of the sky…:open_mouth: Where did that happen??

on the farm. both were being used by poachers.

Today’s News is talking about France and the need to fine-tune the training of these magnificent birds…in France…

As the article says, a small child can resemble something tasty… or a drone even :wink::thinking::open_mouth:

Poaching with Drones has been a problem in other countries I believe… and there is always the Security/Privacy angle…or lack of it… :thinking:

do not know, i do not follow it. I know a friend in the UK one of their pervy neighbours bought a drone and was trying to film women in bedrooms and bathrooms and sun bathing. Drones have great uses but like many things they are prone to be misused.