Eao solaire solar panels

Hello. We bought our house in November 15 and it has solar panels fitted. However we are having terrible trouble finding out how to get any money for these? I have contacted edf-oa.fr but they cannot give me any information without a contract number and we cannot provide this. Very frustrating as they must have our address and the name of the guy we bought the house from who installed them in the first place. In England you can find out most things by stating your name and address! Please help. TIA

Oh dear… the person who made the contract with EDF is the person who should be giving you the necessary information. … and presumably that is the Seller. He/she will have had a dossier of info… when the contract with EDF was first started.

Just a thought. but until that contract gets legally changed into your name… any electricity which is sold to EDF is probably/possibly going straight to his bank account.

Can the Estate Agents or Notaire who handled the Sale… help you… just clutching at straws really.

good luck

My researcher ears have perked up. I must ask: what bits of info do you have on the solar panels, so far? You have the manufacturer, of course, and I assume the model number/serial number if present, on the panels? But what about the installation company? Could you do some searching around to see if the company/manufacturer might in some way have records of installations in your area? If you had even a ballpark idea of the date of installation, then perhaps if there are local companies who install these you could match up with those who might have done installations in your area around that time, and ask them. A backward way to do it, but just a suggestion.

Perhaps in fact someone could educate me about whether my suggestion is ridiculous. Perhaps this kind of tracking can’t be done with any success in France; perhaps I’ve missed the point :slight_smile: . At any rate, all of my research experience is US-based so I’m probably in over my head. Still, there’s gotta be a way to find it, no?

I have visions of Sarah climbing on the roof to look for serial numbers etc…:grin::grin::grin: but, they may be nearer to hand… I do hope so.

Frankly, I am surprised this subject was not addressed at the time of Purchase of the property last November. The Notaire normally ensures that whatever work has been carried out, bears the necessary guarantees/documents etc etc… questions will surely have been asked and answered… if not… why not.

it’s all very strange… :zipper_mouth_face:

Yikes!!! Good point about the climbing on the roof. Risky. I did once fall off of a roof… I guess at the time, I’d thought I was some hotshot DIY roof repair person, checking on the roof ventilation air flow thingy. Hah. Luckily I was young and the fall was not far. Maybe there’s some handy person nearby to hire, to go and look and do the risky bit instead? :slight_smile:

Never good, is it, to suggest someone put themselves at risk. Sorry!

Have you trawled through the mountain of paperwork you received after sugning the Compromis ? There may be something in there.
The sale of houses with solar paneks and feed-back contracts was contentious in the UK. The supply and installation of the panels was often built into a contract with the original owner. There was little or no mention in the contracts regarding what would happen in the event the house was sold.
Prices of panels have fallen dramatically over the years, subsidies have been reduced as have feed-back rates. The result of that is that new UK contracts will pay less than older ones for the electricity.
I mention all this in case you find the vendor still has a valid contract to supply back to the grid. If he wants paying to transfer the contract check the current prices and rates. I looked at a house that a large number of panels, but the vendor wanted me to buy them at near his purchase price. The current cost of the same was a lot less than he wanted. Also, if you do have to negotiate, the efficiency of panels does reduce over time, so they do reduce in value.
Hopefully none of this is relevant to you :blush:


What is the latest on this… ???

Have you hot-footed it to the Notaire ??