Early Brexit CDS for 17 year old to work

Help! Does anyone know what the situation is at the 24 pref for getting appointments? My son has already missed a job at McDo for the summer while I was waiting for a reply from the pref. He has now been offered another but must have his CDS / the reciept of handing it in. This is the reply from the pref:

Je vous fais parvenir la liste de pièces afin que votre fils puisse constituer son dossier.

Par la suite, il doit prendre rendez-vous sur le site suivant :



I have been on and keep getting the message that no appointments are available. While it wouldn´t be the end of the world if he didn´t get to work over summer, he is currently on a stage and they have offered him an apprenticeship for September. Again he can´t start without the CDS. So frustrating!!!

I remember on another thread (which I couldn´t find) that someone in another department was having the same trouble and discovered a certain day that they are released. Does anyone have any more info from 24?

Mais à partir de vos 16 ans, si vous souhaitez travailler, suivre un stage professionnel ou vous inscrire auprès de Pôle emploi, vous devez demander une carte de séjour.

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My two had their first ones in collège and then were required at Lycée and then not needed until Brexit arrived but they also submitted them for their permis de conduire whenthey began the first course. They were actually titled Titre eventually after their first CDS expired. So no, you don’t have to be 18.

So sorry to hear of your “computer says no” dilemma - totally understand your frustration.

Is it possible you might be able to just turn up there and see if you could speak to someone to get someone to call you? Or can you email them back explaining the situation?

I’m not in 24, for what it’s worth when waiting to be advised of a date for the CDS appointment, Mme had to go to UK to sort her mother out - we went by the prefecture to see if we might be able to get an appointment before she left - someone came out (covid times) and took our number and they called the next day to offer one.

Perhaps we were lucky, I thought it was really good they were just trying to help, maybe you might get lucky? Appreciate it’s probably a long way to go on the off chance, it was a 15 minute walk for us.

All I can do is wish your son good luck.

PS I went on the dordogne site with your link, I see there’s a section for ‘without internet’ and just looking the first appointment came up as 2 august. But I think this was for things like student CDS. It referenced this site -


Hi @toryroo are you on FB, as RIFT CR - Remain in France Together - Citizens Rights | Facebook can probably help.

If not on FB then please email us at riftremaininfrance@gmail.com outlining your sons problem, you will have to get his permission to share some info but we should be able to escalate his case to help him get his WARP.


That is amazing Kim, thanks so much! Don’t use FB but will email you!

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We are now thinking easier to just do his nationality papers, can be dropped off at the tribunal so I can get a confirmation instantly! We have to do them before he turns 18 anyway.


Just to say my son has been waiting 3.5 years and has had all the interviews and paperwork done but they have horrendous waiting lists because every single applicant has to be vetted thoroughly. The lady at the main regional prefecture told him back in April when he went for the final interview that they have cut down on the number of applicants they are allowing to be processed now and the time will be even longer. They asked some very strange questions too, no French stuff because he has been here 30 years so went through the school system but is now a fonc and the questions were very obtuse. You would also be amazed at what history they dig up about you too!

Gosh, that sounds very full on!! I think the process under 18 is quite different.
, more about proving he’s born here and lived here more than 5 years.

Yes could be, we discovered too late that our kids could have done it at 13 very easily but as brexit was not even thought about and we had freedom of movement plus no TDS needed, we did not bother, just shows the old addage “never put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. Good luck to your son, at least he won’t have to declare any children and all that paperwork. My grandson enjoyed the visit to the house by the gendarmes, he dragged them to his bedroom to see his new jungle themed bed.

Hi toryroo, no problem whatever is easiest for you. If find you do need his card then just shout.

Good luck with his citizenship

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