Early Retiree cover and ticked boxes on S1

My wife and I had S1s to cover us for health care up to February 2014 and we have CVs. As I was going to be 65 in January 2015 and am now in receipt of pension we waited until now to get new S1s. Mine is fine and my CV is being renewed but my early-retiree wife has the wrong boxes ticked according to the local CPAM. Instead of the Insured Person box ticked, the Family of pensioner box is ticked and there is no end date for the cover. The Pension Service insist this is correct and the French CPAM is wrong.

Does anyone have a definitive answer to this question: does my early-retiree wife i.e. not yet of pension age, have the right to basic healthcare cover in France.

If so, how can I go about challenging the CPAM office?


Mike D

Your Europe Assistance is the website which helps people in the EU fight discrimination in any other country than their own.

Just google it.

About as far away from me here in Burgundy as you could be. I have successfully taken the CLEISS to the EU. The CLEISS is the body to which the CPAM refers to in matters of EU Regulations, and, take it from me, even they do not understand them.

Being a dependant on an S1 is not difficult and they should readily understand this.

Thanks for your speedy response, Jane.

Do you have a link for Your Europe Assistance please. Is it the insurance company you're referring to?

We're in the Pyrenees Atlantique.

Thanks and best regards,

Yes she does as your dependant.

Try the CPAM English Helpline on 0811363646, which, not surprisingly, is often busy!

If you get nowhere try Your Europe Assistance who will point you in the direction of the correct European Regulations. If you still have problems then you can go to SOLVIT. Keep all correspondence.

You can also try your English MEP.

Whereabouts are you?