Earthquake in Morocco last night

Just heard now about this. Marrakesh seems badly hit, with many buildings in the old city badly damaged. As of now news says over 600 killed and many injured. My neighbour is Moroccan, and I know all her family still live there. Her brother lives in Fez which is outside the area of major damage, but I think her parents may live near Marrakesh. Just been to see if they are in, but both cars are not there, which is unusual. Don’t really want to phone in case they need to keep the mobile line open. Just hoping all is OK with her family there.

Got moroccan neighbours both sides, cars all gone too so perhaps gone to family nearby to find out more. I cannot remember the last time Morocco had an earthquake as you only tend to hear about the far east mostly or the eastern Med.

Hope both of your neighbours’ families aren’t affected.

Very sad. My thoughts are with the families of the victims. :frowning:

So sad, we were in Marrakech earlier this year - both a beautiful and crazy place.

Does not looks good, BBC now reporting 820 dead - I suspect it will go up more as rescue workers sift through the rubble.

Thoughts and prayers to anyone with connections to Morocco or Marrakesh.

Not sure whether to be impressed or appalled that there’s already a Wikipedia page describing events.

Find it strange that the Canary Islands too, suffered at least ten minor quakes this week. They are not that far offshore from Morocco. Wonder if there is a connection!

Via tectonic plates, probably.