Easier for my wife to be added as a beneficiary to my RSI affiliation or to apply on her own account?

I registered as AE about a year ago and eventually got my Carte Vitale after about 6 months (yes I know that's fast!). I had assumed (naively) that they would automatically send one for my wife as well.

Once corrected on this point, I proceeded to fill in the necessary forms and started the torturous process of getting her added to my account as a beneficiary. RSI have done the usual inexplicable thing of asking for documentation serially. First a sworn translation of her birth cert. Then a copy of her passport. Now I have received a letter asking for a sworn translation of our marriage cert. - really beggars belief!

To make matters potentially more complicated, she has now started working about 20 hours a week on a self-employed basis herself, so we have begun the process of registering her as an AE in her own right as well.

I wanted to ask if anyone else has been in this position and whether anyone knows the pros and cons of either continuing to get her added to my account or abandoning that and gonig through the whole thing again on her own account.

I don't even know if there is a choice, but I assume there is.

Please someone help if you can before I lose the will to live!