Easter Egger chicks for sale - Dordogne between Bergerac and Perigueux

Hi, one of my hens is in the process of hatching some eggs. I’ve been breeding with the intention of having a wonderful mix of different coloured eggs from ‘mutts’, otherwise known as Easter Eggers!

I’m are now on about generation 4 and getting some amazing coloured eggs! The original breeding stock came from quality breeders and are a mix of Araucana, Orpington, Marans and Sussex.

The last hatch (so same generation) have just started laying and we have a wonderful mix of blue, cream, dark brown (not pure Marans colour though), olive green (just incredible!) and an interesting, almost purple colour. The most wonderful egg basket you can imagine!

I am happy to get pics if there is any interest. DS ate the eggs I was going to take a pic of this morning!

Price - €5 / chick + €1 / week. Can be without heating around 5 weeks in this weather so €10 at that point (1 August).

Delivery possible - in Bergerac / Perigueux area for minimal cost.

Reservation possible. I’ve seen at least 6 chicks but I think there are more! Colours mainly grey / black (some with copper highlights) / white (speckled).

Hi Tory,

I have just Googled Easter Eggers Bergerac and found this notice of yours.

I am looking for an Easter Egger and was hoping you might have a hen available.

I realise the notice is from last year but I thought I’d try my luck.

We are very close to Bergerac so quite local to you it seems.

Warmest regards

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Thanks for your interest. Absolutely devastatingly I lost most of my flock last July to the neighbours dog so I can’t help, I’m back to mid brown and pale blue after 3 years of breeding for the wonderful colours I had for 2 weeks before the massacre! I had breed from pale cream through blue to bright green and avacado!