EDF and bill payments

How can I stop EDF from taking payments from my french account or do i have to close my french account.

Are you saying that you want to change your payment method? I believe you can do that on your espace client (> facture et contrat > modifier mon mode de paiement).

If you just want them to stop taking money off you, the only way really is to ensure that you don't owe them any money otherwise even if they can't take it from your bank it won't stop them chasing you.

I ended up closing my account, but that was to stop La Poste from taking and taking and taking money, Even after it was closed they continued and sent me statements which said I was in the red. Then letters from Hussiers (Baliffs) Once I wrote to the Baliffs and explained it all,the harrassment stopped. I now pay Everything by Halifax Clarity Card and enjoy no bank charges or any exchange costs. If I need cash I do pay a little but that is worth it 2.99% off Barclays.