EDF and the Ombudsman

I have an ongoing dispute with regards my bills from the EDF and will be probably be taking it to the ombudsman, has anybody had dealings with the Ombudsman?


If so how did it go?

If it's regarding electricity consumption, is it not resolvable by cross-checking meter reading history with them? If you know the readings and the price per unit and the maths is correct, it's hard to see how a dispute can arise and wouldn't be worth taking to the ombudsman if it's simply a case of checking facts. If you're waiting for a refund that they've agreed is due but keep on not refunding, that's another matter of course...

Well I have this problem that EDF have even agreed that they have overcharged me and that my account will be credited but surprise surprise it hasn't.

So another letter and then off to the ombudsman as above.

FT/Orange by the way are outstandingly good in correcting their invoice errors.