Edf better tarrif

I’m probably the last one to realise this, but in case I’m not, I rang EDF today and got changed from our “standard” tarrif, to one where I am charged 40% less for 8 hours per day, with no change in the other 16 hours. No brainer.

For anyone who hasn’t done this yet - their 'English speaking no is : 0562164908

Bon chance!

Ah thanks for info. I’m going to send an email (last time I did this it was over 3 weeks til I got a response) and just ask if we are on the best tarrif. I’m obviously too impatient with the phone. It’s certainly worth a phone call /email to check it out so thanks for sharing it with us. x

Hi Nickie,
Not really sure. We’re just on the bog standard one at the minute, 11cents per unit day & night. We have to pay 34Euros to be changed and a technician has to come, so I wonder if this is the “special meter” -perhaps they just attach something to your meter?! No idea about the different tarrifs otherwise though - sorry! I always phone the English speaking line about 3 times on speakerphone. Usually on an automated thing for 10 minutes each the first two times, then someone picks up the third time! Today, I had just stepped into the garden when I heard the woman saying “allo? ALLO?” Fine if you’ve got inclusive calls like me so it costs nothing to hang on. x

Hello Gill - is your new tarrif divided into heures creuses and heures pleines? We heat our water overnight using the cheaper heures creuses but I thought you had to have a special meter to use this. If you’ve found some other cunning way of getting a reduction I’d love to know it as we have electric underfloor heating at the moment which costs a fortune to run. I’m going to send EDF a cowardly email as I’ve found it difficult to get through the English speaking helpline in any case to see if they can improve their offering. Thanks for this post. Nickie