EDF billing since Linky Smart Meter installation

Does anybody know how EDF bills are levied since Linky ‘Smart’ meters were installed?

I thought the point of Linky was that monthly bills would reflected monthly usage?

Over the last three years my regular same-value monthly bills are increasing at a rate of 50% per year, even though my consumtion remains the same and there are months at a time when I consume no electricity whatsoever, as evidenced by my Linky meter.

I’ve now been presented with a schedule off future monthly deductions that bears no resemblance to my likely future (or past) monthly usage.

Any advice appreciated before I read the fine print and/or contact EDF to figure out what’s going on.

Hi, I’ve found the same problem. My last 2 bills come to more than I have paid in the whole year previously! Nothing has changed in the house, no new white goods etc etc the only thing that has changed is the Linky installation.

A call to the EDF English Speaking Customer Service solved all my problems quickly.

There are several numbers 09 69 32 15 15 and 05 62 16 49 08. I think I had more luck with the latter when I was calling from overseas.

What did they say? I have spoken to them and all they have said is that the meter is working correctly even though I have years of previous to prove that my bills were significantly lower before the Linky was installed.

Bea… welcome to the forum.

When you check the bill…

how many units are they charging you for…??

and at what rate-per-unit ??

and the standing charges… how do they compare to the old meter???

The numbers on the bills in Abonnement and Consommation seem to be approx the same, are they the ones you mean? I’m looking at the current bill in comparison to the bill for this time last year.

Abonnement is standing charge.

Consommation is what you have used in KWatt.

You can work out if the consommatin figure is correct by checking against the meter readings.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the problems my son was having with an EDF bill he’d inherited from his late father - we couldn’t understand how it could be so high (in the region of €850,00) given that the house had been unoccupied since his death in October 2017. We’d visited in February for just four days and beforehand I’d contacted EDF via Selectra to ensure that there was a supply and while we were there they fitted a LINKY. Looking through some old bills it appeared that his father had not submitted readings and that they were all estimated hence the eventual high bill (although I still can’t understand how there can have been anything other than the abonnements to pay for last year). However, my son has now received another bill for €60,00 for the period from the end of February to the 28th of April. The abonnement is €9,78 and consommation for the period from 23/02/19 to 13/03/19 is HC @ 15 and 64 and HP @ 10 and 10 (the house is unoccupied). I now find myself questioning the accuracy of the LINKY. Advice and/or further thoughts welcome.

Do you switch the electrics OFF at the meter… when you leave the property??

As we’d had a LINKY fitted we didn’t think it was necessary. However, with the exception of the (small but old) fridge, I made a point of unplugging everything. Looking at the bill again this evening I’ve realised that it’s a final bill terminating his account - the result of an unauthorised switch from EDF to Total Spring via Selectra. Total Spring were told to close the account as soon as we realised what had happened (they haven’t) and EDF were asked to keep the account open. I’ve read some reviews about Total Spring this evening and it would seem they have a habit of doing this. Perhaps EDF isn’t so bad after all …

As this is only a holiday home… I would recommend switching off/unplugging everything… why leave a fridge switched on ??? (especially an old one… maybe not running as economically as it should/could).

Read the meter when you arrive… and again when you leave (and switch everything OFF).

that way… you can see how much is used when you are in Residence… and know what sort of bill to expect.

If only it was a holiday home - more of a millstone given the state of it. We had expected to be back over to do some work on it in March, hence leaving the fridge on, but my son had to put in some extra hours to pay EDF among other unexpected bills that his father left. We will be over next month when my house sale in the UK has completed and I dread to think what we might find but for now my son has to resolve the EDF v. Total (ly awful) Spring situation to ensure we have a supply of electricity. Whenever I think of the place I envisage Vincent Price leering out of the window. Thankfully, there is a library and a decent tabac a stone’s throw away should I need to escape.