EDF et Moi

I don’t check it every day, but I did this morning and from the menu on the left “Mon fil actu” has disappeared (the bit that shows your electricity consumption and cost in 30 minute blocks). Anyone else noticed this?

Mine is still there but I do notice that periodically it does vanish but soon comes back. I also notice that there are sometimes some days when it doesn’t update daily e.g. my last update currently shows as Friday. I assume some tech glitch or maybe maintenance of the app??? But it does always restore and update, so I wouldn’t worry too much. Sure it’s just a momentary glitch.

Today (08/05/2023) there seems to be a general problem. You can’t get any “conso” info via the website either.

It’ll probably get fixed when the right person gets to work tomorrow after the long weekend :roll_eyes:

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A few days back i could not access my EDF & Moi or via the web - then i switched to my french Wifi and it worked. It looks like they had down time (not sure why) and since then the access has been restricted / flaky. There were messages about interrupted usage readings. Wondering when the announcement of being hacked or attacked comes out …

Just tried, more broken than before :slight_smile:

Not just you, I get a message error launching the app.

I also have an account with Enedis, and their app works today. It shows only the kWh, no euros.
Enedis is the network/grid company.

For several days now I have been trying to get into my EDF account. All I get is the message below.

Is anyone finding it difficult getting access please? Or is it just me?

I have the EDF & Moi app on my smartphone but the print is too small and difficult to see.

I have since downloaded the EDF & Moi app to my iPad Pro which makes it easier, but I want to see it on my computer monitor!

It seems that my ‘secure VPN’ was ‘on’ preventing access to EDF. I can access my EDF account now!


Hmmm… I can access my EDF account, and the EDF et Moi pages online through my VPN, set to UK. I have ExpressVPN. Maybe your VPN providers IP addresses are on a blacklist ?

No, I have Norton 360 anti-virus which has secure VPN which I can switch on and off. Don’t know what it’s for!

If it’s on, but you don’t know what it does, being Norton, it probably set to the U.S by default, i.e. it makes it look like you’re in the U.S.

Never looked but did just now and changed the region to France. EDF opens! Thanks.

If you don’t need the VPN, which it sounds as if you don’t, then I would just turn it off.

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