EDF Expensive Bill issue resolved

A ittle while ago I wrote to you all explaining my problem with a very large monthly direct debit payment of 220 euros a month. Well after 6 weeks of ringing the english speaking helpline i finally got through to a very helpful gentlemen, who basically said that a three bedroom house with 3 people occupancys electricity bill normally averages 1000 euros a month and that my direct debit had been wrongly adjusted!!!!!!

it is now 80 euros a month!!!!!" Thats more like it. Im sure it will be more than that when the meter is read in April, however I am more than happy and it is a big weight off my mind.

Might even put a light on now in celebration and blow out those candles lol x

EDF did this to me some years ago and I ended with over a 1000 euros in credit. They adjusted it down to 17 euros after they had to wire me the excess.

I have to check the thermostat when I return to France. I had kept the boiler on vs heating only overnight so it may have increased our bill. We kept the heater on at around 20 (slightly more at night) and it was unseasonably cold this late winter and spring. This was our first time to stay more than 2 months so our usage may have increased based on past years.

This is a normal EDF trick. They over-estimate your bill, take the money off you (which the company then invests i guess) and pay you back the excess at the end of the year. They took 300 a month off me (two bedroom house, everyone out between 7h and 19h, electric radiators on as low as possible and for as few months as possible), and i'm also living in the south of france. At the end of the six months they owed me 600 euros... they adjusted my bill.

One question... do you have a water immersion boiler? Is the thermostat turned down to 40 to 50°C? No need for hot water to be more than this, and a boiler will keep heating if turned up too high. Does anyone else use the place? maybe they are estimating based on someone else's "normal" use. Also, from experience, i find my local friends really keep their homes very hot in winter, they like a steady 28 degrees, whereas i prefer a steady 18-20 degrees.

Mostly, however, i think it is just standard EDF practice to "accidentally" overcharge curtomers. Think of the millions they make, invest, and then pay back the capital.

Thanks Tracy. I assume that they will do another reading in December to make any adjustment.

I would imagine they have based the bill on what is needed to complete the year - so say there are 6 months remaining, you have only paid 6 x 17€ 102€ then you will pay 300€ x 6 - which is 1800 but only giving 1900 for the year, divide that by 12 and you have an average bill of 158 a month. Not knowing how much electric you use - eg water heating, heating etc, it seems not too bad. We have 90m2 and pay 100€ for gas and 60 for leccy and we have an excellent insert that heats the downstairs, however, our gas bill has just gone up by 26€ a month for the remainder of the year, as it has been such a cold winter. Generally in Southern France the houses are very badly insulated against the cold.

We have a one bedroom village house we have been paying 17 euros per month. We usually visit for about 2 months per year. Beginning January 2013, we have lived continuously in the house since our daughters are going to school for French language immersion. In June, the technician came to read our meter. Now our monthly bill jumped to 300+ euros. I talked to EDF and they told me that the reading indicated a higher monthly bill based on our consumption. Is this normal for a property in Southern France that is about 45 square meters, one bedroom, three stories?

Appreciate any insight? Or advice moving forward?

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Louise, I,m hoping you have made a typo. & the real average figure is 1,000 euros per year not month.

I have just turned on some electric radiators & needed to change my underware when I first read your post!!!


Great news Louise, am delighted for you. Persistance pays off!