EDF helpline

Just wanted to say excellent job by the French helpline for sorting out a major problem with billing.

Being a wimp on the phone I tried the English speaking helpline first and after 1/2 an hour of the young chap saying "Are you sure your postcode is correct because I can't find your village in our system?" I gave up. Now I may not be very good at speaking this French malarkey or being as au courant with the bureaucracy as I would like but I do know my postcode!

So after several minutes of talking to myself while the kettle boiled I plucked up the courage to phone the French speaking helpline and yayyyyy it's all sorted. The chap couldn't have been more patient and helpful as he sorted out 3 separate problems and even got my monthly bill reduced.

So now if I can just get myself together to sort out CAF and my widow's pension then the New Year is looking brighter. Many thanks EDF.

Good luck Briony. If you get the same chap as me then you should be in good hands. Will keep my fingers crossed for you x

Have been trying the english helpline to no avail, it no longer seems to exist and was plucking up courage to deal with french line when I found this post, sooo here goes. I dealt with Veolia all in french yesterday to sort out the 950euros water bill! Thank goodness it is a mistake their end or I would be down to the old CPAM to see if help was available to pay it!

Have to agree and say I have always found the FT help line very good and quite relaxed at my poor french. Never rang the english helpline just because I didnt know they had one for ages.