EDF Online Payment Assistance/Help

Hello - I’m hoping someone can direct me. I have been paying our EDF bill online (using an American VISA card) for 3 years without incident, until now. The online portal allowed me to view the bill (it takes the mailed bill almost 6 weeks to arrive in California, which is after the due date), and pay it every two months without fail. For some reason, it will not accept any of my VISA cards now. I have checked with our banking companies, all of them being the types that expect Americans to use the card overseas without problems, and they say it is not an issue on their end. Has anyone encountered this? Any suggestions?

We are hoping to return in August but there is one bill due now and another in June and I don’t want to have the power cut off. I read in a post about 3 years ago that there is an english -speaking email option, simpleenergywithedf@edf.fr, does anyone know if this is still in operation?

Thanks for any assistance!

Would Revolut work - you could then pay in Euros?

No harm trying the email, but if it’s of any help this us the English speaking edf helpline number +33 (0)9 69 36 63 8

I used that email address in January of this year and got a response. Very helpful and all in English … which i should not need but did as it was a meter issue and my French is not up to technical terminology yet !

I see on the EDF site the normal contact # is (0)9 69 36 63 83 - the number you listed is identical but maybe missing the last digit? Is it the main number and you step through choices to access the english help line? Thanks!

I sent them an email, and received an auto response about waiting 2 business days for a reply. So we’ll see what happens.

Sorry, looks like I cut the last number off (3)

I was not familiar with Revolut and did some research. Apparently they applied for permission to do banking in California at the end of March 2021. Looks like they have been in business in Europe for awhile. Some pros and cons to them but they may be the solution for future EDF bills. I don’t think I can get it setup in time for this bill. Thanks for suggestion!

Does the payment system require 2FA authentication, i. e. does it require you to have a French mobile phone number or does it allow a non-French number, but your Californian bank hasn’t implemented that payment system?