EDF scam

We had a call from 'EDF' today telling us that we use too much electricity and should call phone number so and so. But we noticed it was an incomplete 09---- number. The call was a pre-recorded message that one could not speak to.

One irritated woman demanding that EDF confirm or deny the call eventually solicited the answer that they do not make such calls and also not use the phone number they were given resolved that. Scam. However, because the number we were given was incomplete nobody can trace it, so the objective loses me.

We have had our meter read a couple of weeks ago and actually know that we used less than this time last year as it is, so they are obviously using the meter person's call as timing and hoping that people will fall hook, line and sinker for their scam. However, to use the appropriate vernacular, they cocked it up with the phone number.

Nonetheless, one to watch out for - well listen actually - unaware of how SFN tells each other what not to fall for.

Scam that went wrong somewhere, but have they ironed out the errors since and are getting other victims.

Just had my EDF Invoice this morning, real, but still a scam of sorts. 625.89€ in total but only 375.80€ inn actual electrical usage plus 33.54€ abonnement so 409.34€ and the other 216.55€ in assorted taxes. I though the UK so-called government were robber barons but it looks like the French have them beaten hands down. Does anyone know if there any discounts for the retired?

When I went to check the electrical readings I though I would check the water meter as it was due to be changed at some point. The sneaky buggers have changed it without us knowing. How do we now know if the next bill is accurate and how did they manage it without us being aware? Did they disinfect everything? I doubt it, as no smell of chlorine anywhere but in the swimming pool after its shock treatment yesterday.

I remembered in bed that a few years ago we had a "live" call from "EDF" about solar panels. They were actually called EDF but obviously they weren't the "real" EDF. I can't remember now what their initials do stand for but it was very sneaky marketing (if you can call it that). May well be the same lot hoping that (if they manage to give the right number!) people will call back and then they can try their sales pitch on them.

Im a bit lost . You had a call from EDF so say, but transpires its not EDF, but they gave you a number to call back, but the number isnt valid cos its incomplete, so you cant call back. But they were telling you you had used too much electric, but you had checked and you knew you hadnt, Im not sure where the scam is? Or have i missed something ?

Received a similar type call from an Indian sounding woman claiming to be from Microsoft Mac California claiming that my computer was about to fall over unless I gave her a lot of my personal details. I asked how she found out my telephone number and that it was 4.00AM in the morning in California? She started to shout and I put the phone down. Have since discovered that many other people down the whole western side of France have received similar type calls. Hopefully nobody rises to the bait especially the elderly and frail.

We hang up on pre-recorded messages as a matter of principle. It's very rude!