EDF tariff

I just noticed I’m paying over 30 euro a month for my EDF to supply of electricity

I have a modest house and small electric water heater (not an off peak one) and no other unusual / heavy drains on my electricity.

It’s a maison secondary and I’m only here 6 months of the year, but in the same bills roll, over 30 euros a month, winter too, even when I’m not here and I turn the electricity main switch off.

The EDF France website suggests I’m paying well over double What I should.

Any thoughts - advice?

Sign up on the EDF website & when the meter reading is due they’ll send you an email & link to reply, send them a photo of the meter reading (if you have an electronic one) & they adjust the bill accordingly. You’re probably in for a nice surprise. (rebate).

Hi Alec … How many years has this been running… ??

First thing is to check the meter reading with that on your latest Bill…

In my case, I receive an “Accounting Bill” once a year (after EDF read the meter). The readings for the 12 month period plus charges, set against the monthly payments I have made… They then decide if money is owing, and to whom, and work out the monthly payment for the next 12 months.

Have you been getting something like this ??

Farthing, do you mean €30 a month standing charge or is that your inclusive cost which includes Electricity used?

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Hi Mick and Stella

I’m on Tarif Bleu, I’ve not paid attention to the EDF charges until I decided to do up an annual budget.

My bills apparat to be a 'standing charge 'until a ‘catchup’ in about August, presumable after the meter reader has visited, after which there is an adjustment and new ‘standing charge.’

I can’t get access my EDF account for some reason. I don’t receive paper statements. All I can see from my bank accounts that indicate a pattern of a period of standing fees, an adjustment then increased ‘standing fees.’

I only have a washing machine and small hot water heater (not off peak) and am here alone mostly for 6 summer months or so.

Over the past four years, on average I have been charged 350 Euros per annum. Until now I have not queried the amount. I don’t know if 350 Euros per annum is excessive or not?


If the €350 covers 12 months of standing charges plus six months consumption it doesn’t seem high to me. I presume you pay in equal monthly instalments of about €30. I prefer to input my bi-monthly use online (no need for photos) and then pay for what I’ve used. I’m one if that rare breed who is looking forward to receiving a Linky meter so paying for the electricity I use will be even easier.

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Oh dear… somewhere along the line you have opted out of paper Bills etc…

Frankly, I get paper for some things that I really want to keep an eye on… and the other stuff is OK via email/on-line.

You must have had a signed contract… can you lay your hands on that ?? Are you in France at the moment… 'cos I would hotfoot it to the nearest EDF spot where you can speak with someone face to face.

Failing every normal pathway… have a word at your Mairie… they might be able to get you in touch with a “human being” at EDF… who can help you…

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The EDF website is one of the most infuriating, but sometimes it works… easiest would be to reconnect to your account online if you know what email address you used.


A basic 6kV abonnement is about 10euros a month, so 250euros a year on electricity doesn’t seem that much.

You are not being ripped off, two thirds of that bill will be standing charge and taxes.

This information (google translated) from Que Choisir

EDF’s blue tariff has evolved in the middle of the summer. Should we be sorry or rejoice? In fact everything depends on the amount of consumption, because if the prices of subscriptions increase, those of kWh fall slightly.

The most penalized by these new tariffs are the users subscribers in small power and which consume less than 2,500 kWh per year. Indeed, the subscription in 3 kVA has blazed this summer (+ 37%) and the decline of 6.2% of the price of kWh does not compensate for this rise. Consumers subscribing to higher powers are less penalized. The price of the subscription increases 9.7% in 6 kVA, 7.6% with the option full hours / off-peak 9 kVA and 7.4% for the 12 kVA. Given the slight fall in price per kWh (- 0.8% in peak hours, - 1.9% in off-peak hours), the more we consume, the more we win!

EDF clearly favors households equipped with all-electric heating and hot water, at the expense of other users and especially all consumers concerned about the environment and global warming, who strive to reduce maximum their energy consumption.

This strategy of increasing the fixed share and lowering the price of the kWh goes against all official speeches that advocate energy savings. There is no point in looking for another electricity supplier to avoid these subscription increases. While many of them offer a reduction compared to the regulated tariff of EDF, it concerns only the price per kWh excluding taxes, whether it is a commercial offer in indexed price or fixed price. Everything else, especially the subscription, is on the regulated tariff.

If communications are an issue you can make contact via the English speaking help line to start the ball rolling 0556 174 070 or the English speaking mail address- simpleenergywithedf@edf.fr
The Help Line is a pain to get through but the email address is pretty good considering the usual French reluctance to respond to emails.