EDF visiting to grade the house for energy efficiency

Dear all

My husband (French), who doesn't share my scepticism of EDF's aggressive sales strategy - even though they call daily - has agreed to let them energy-rate the house on Friday.

Unfortunately for me, he's totally susceptible to the typical scaremongering "your house is woefully inadequate" sales pitch.

Apart from that, what's their current "bêtise du jour" for which i should be on the lookout?



(who's groaning that her husband could let them in...)

That's fair enough. When my friend had his PV system installed the Company were very good having data from local installations to show. This meant a demonstration of the real payback based on the then feed in tariff of 7.5 years (UK) and with the data logger on the little tablet he can see that it is on target (a bit to my surprise)

Good luck Emily, as a former buyer, what did work on you?

Ach, take a few days for a hen party then !


Do that, anyroad, Emily, it should be good for a few wierd looks :)

Needs a finger-wagging, this Johnny :)

Send yer man off down the bar for a few early apéros, Emily. You can then get your rolling pin ready, as John says, it'll be some sales co calling round...

Sucker! That won't be EDF, just some sales Co using that as a way through your front door.