Educational Authority in France

Does anyone know where or who are the local education authority is in each city? I need to speak to them regarding education for my 17 year old son.

There’s no such thing as a ‘local education authority’ in each city for secondary schools - the equivalent is the Rectorat for your region. They will not be much use to you unless you have a very specific query though. Whereabouts do you live? Perhaps I can help…

We live in Bieuzy Les Eaux, near Pontivy … 56310

Your Académie is Rennes, the people you need to talk to are the rectorat de Rennes, the website with the addresses etc you probably need is you will have to rummage about on the site to find what you need exactly, as I don’t know what the problem is I can’t be more precise, sorry. Or get in touch with your Lycée de Secteur which is the Lycée Joseph Loth in Pontivy (although there’s a Lycée in Lorient people can go to without a dérogation if they live in Morbihan). There’s also the Lycée privé Jeanne d’Arc but the people responsible for that would be the direction diocésaine.


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