Let us all cheer for the people of Tunisia and Egypt.

It shows all of us how a movement to grow when all our ‘fed-up’ with our corrupt and useless governments.

Remember and remember again, we ALL can do it!

Yes Libya is going to be a tough one!
Hopefully some more of the ‘forces’ there will turn against bombing the smithereens out of the people.
It’s obvious to me, that Quadaafi will not go down, so there will be more and more deaths…but hey that’s Civil War!
I would be one of the people fighting even if it meant my demise.

My thoughts exactly.

Sorry i have no idea what you are referring to - but in any case we haven’t deleted any posts - the only other person that can do that is yourself as you ‘own’ your content - are you 100% sure it uploaded in the first place?

It was on the page about the ‘Higginbottom’ thing.

WIth you on that one Jenny - and all the more praise to the demonstrators for doing it peacefully but with huge determination. It’s inspirational and makes you realise what “people power” can do when positvely chanelled. And it was a super (slightly belated) birthday present for my husband who loves Egypt!