EHIC card advice please - to Renew Card

I used to have a UK EHIC card but it expired a while ago. I know they are issued in France but it’s not clear to me whether I should apply in France where I have a carte Vitale or in the UK where my original card was from. Any advice?

If you’re in the French system with no S1 then apply in France. If you access the French system via a UK S1 then apply in the UK.


My latest one came via Newcastle Harriet, give them a ring, 00441912181999, found them very helpfull!

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Sue’s advice is spot on and concise!

For info - EHIC cards only come via Newcastle (DWP) if you hold an S1 or you are a UK resident. (As stated above by Sue) :slight_smile:

Here’s the on-line link to order or renew the EHIC

OR…if you are French resident and NOT an S1 holder you simply order it from your online Ameli account.

Thanks to all for the swift replies. I do have an S1 and will follow Stella’s link.

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You may well find that you can’t complete the request online (unless they’ve changed the system since I last used it) and you need to phone the DWP overseas team. Bill gave you the number above. The card appeared within a few days.

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Same for me Jane, rapid response :+1:

Yes I found I couldn’t do it online as it only gave the option of a UK address. I shall phone them. Thanks to everyone for being so helpful

Cheers Harriet… that’s worth knowing…

let us know how the telephone thingy works… always nice to keep informed.

Yes it worked! Took me a while to work out the right option to press but when I got through it was really quick and efficient - should be on its way soon.


Righto… so rule of thumb… To Renew a UK issued EHIC

If you are resident in France… do NOT use the website…

Ring: 00441912181999 and order the new EHIC using the telephone service…

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