EJP red light not working

I am seeking a bit of advice, please. Today is a red light day for those with the EJP electricity contracts. I have the red light on my fuse box, but it is not on today, when it should be. Can anyone tell me, please, if this will effect my bill, or if I should try to have it repaired or just leave well enough alone?

Thank you.

Our Red light has never worked in 20+ years but the chap who installed the meter told me a great tip. Look at you meter there are 2 sets of numbers The upper set are the EJP ones, besides each set of numbers on our meter there is a small white/cream blank square when the arrow is showing in the bottom window/pane it's normal day when it's showing in the top window it's EJP. We always check every day . Often our gut is more accurate than the email or internet site I wasn't convinced it was EJP today and >I was right going by what the meter is counting. Hope that helps.

Could it have a bulb that has gone?

I finally rang the EDF folks and they say that it is probably a technical problem (on their side, not mine) and that it should be red but for some reason is not. If not, that means that my house is not on EJP today. You are right that, if they have such problems regularly, it is pointless to check the national map or receive the e-mails; the only thing to do is to check the light every day.

The only thing that makes it seem "the French way" to me is not the technical problems, which are everywhere in the world, but the absolute refusal to admit guilt or responsibility about it!

Thanks again.

It is one of those things that drove me mad when I first arrived (still does if the truth be known). The OH who has been here for 23 years just shrugs and says it is the French way.

Thank you! It is very confusing. My red light is still not on, but the website says today is EJP. I phoned my electrician and he said that, though it is marked EJP on the internet, since the red light is not on, it is NOT EJP rates today. When I asked him how on earth anyone can know, he just laughed.

We have had the same thing, email to say there is a red day and then the light does not come on. It is EDF not switching over. Our meters are not changing. Today is a red day and the switch over was done. Had the same thing last year and they caught up by switching over without notifying. It pays to check the red light each morning or you might get caught out. However we have done the maths and with this tariff even if we do not switch off electrical appliances we still end up in profit at the end of the year.