There are no longer standards in public schools and the curriculum from one school to another, and from state to state can vary greatly. In the 90’s we were living in a California city where there was an attempt to stop the teaching of evolution in the school system!

And that is evident everywhere in American society. It goes hand in hand with the ignorance and gullibility.

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Thank you for the spelling lesson. My vocabulary has expanded greatly over the past four years.


Thank you for the info. I shall check it out.
We just tasted some Beaujolais Nouveau yesterday, and ended up with two bottles.
I particularly like the not so subtle dig at the ‘Leader’ of the Conservative Party on the label of one of these.
Unlike the PM, his namesake wine exhibits a bit more structure, though is still fruity with a quick finish.

The other wine is pleasant, and if it wasn’t 12% alcohol would be easy to drink like the Beaujolais Nouveau’s of yesteryear.
Both wines are made with natural yeasts, unlike the levure that gives a banana aroma to BN’s.

There’s also been a move to ‘magical thinking’ across US society.
Kurt Andersen wrote an entire book about it and here’s an excerpt.

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Haha - images of BloJo spaffing drain cleaner up the wall - priceless :rofl:

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so excerpt… still reading it,
Guess I will perhaps get the book.