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Hi, we’re in the process of buying a small house in Haute-Vienne that has no electric connection at the moment. There is a cable on the front of the house that looks like it just needs reconnecting to the overhead supply but there is no meter either inside or outside the house that I’ve been able to find.

I’ve tried ringing the EDF English speaking line to find out how to go about getting a new meter and connection but haven’t had any success.
Can anyone help with how or where to start and rough costs?

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When you say that you have phoned the English speaking help line what do you mean exactly?

I have a friend who has just been through exactly this. You need to speak to Enedis (they manage the network) to get the connection made , but you will have to provide them with a temporary supply box (coffret de chantier) for them to connect to. When your new electricity installation is complete, it will need to be inspected and if ok enedis will install a permanent meter. However, Enedis don’t supply electricity and by default they will try to sign you up to a company called Total Spring (should be total arseholes). Might be better to go with EDF direct - just a suggestion. To make if even more complicated, the supplier of the electricity has to then ask Enedis to make the connection.

What is the condition of the electricity in the house? Ie will it be to standard? And where is the nearest cable? All of that will influence how much it will cost.

This article explains the process for totally new houses, and indicates an average price of around1,500€

We had a new supply and box put in for our gîte, and updated the supply for our house. In total I think it costs 4,000€ (can’t quite remember). But it took forever! And I don’t remember needing a coffret de chantier. We did have to get one for the crane hoist for the roof works…but that was another story.

Recent happenings in our commune would confirm the 1500€ fee as the minimum.

Likewise, there was no need for coffret de chantier as the folk simply waited for the work to be done.

ie Installation of new meter (not Linky!) in the barn and new cabling from nearby pole to the barn/meter.

Had channels needed to be dug etc etc the price would have been much higher.

As I recall, the folk did go to EDF to sign a Contract for supply of electricity and things got moving from there…

Thanks for all your info. Looking at the house, the cable just needs reconnecting to the pole once the meter is installed etc. There is one light and one socket in the house so yes, it will need a whole new re-wire. The person I spoke to at EDF tried to put me in touch with the technical department but they were only French speaking and at the moment, I’m much better face to face. Will perhaps try again as things start getting closer to completion.


Without giving away too much - roughly where in Haute-Vienne are you looking to buy?? what’s your nearest village/town??

Nearest towns would be Cussac or Champagnac-la-Rivière

Nice area.

As you say, rewiring will be necessary - and not much you can organise until you actually own the property.


Andrena with electrics so basic/non-existent, are you happy with the sanitary arrangements and drinking water connection ???

Hi Stella.
Drinking water isn’t a problem. The house is connected to mains and also has a well. The sticking point in the purchase at the moment is the fosse - or more to the point, the lack of one! Our home in the UK is very rural, we aren’t on mains water or gas and have a septic tank so we’re well aware of these things. The problem with this purchase is not being able to get a survey done until late September/early October and there are differing views, and prices as to the type we can have. Because of this, we’re reluctant to sign the compromis until the survey is done. This gives us a dilemma, should we stick with this or carry on looking?

It sounds like there are too many issues to make you feel comfortable enough to buy. Keep looking, there are loads of properties out there.

Regarding the electrics, it sounds like someone has heard the myth that if there is one light and one socket Enedis will supply the meter and make the connection. Maybe true if there is a meter already in place, but if not they will just provide a temporary (external) supply to the temporary (approved) meter you have to provide.

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Mmm… unless this really has taken-over your heart, you might just as well carry on looking.

As Mark says - lots of stuff out there.

Are you looking for a holiday home to lock-up and leave - or something more permanent.

Lock-up and leave are readily available in small villages and the neighbours can keep an eye open in your absence.

Yes if there is nothing there to start with it’s a different story. We at least had a very advanced. set up to start with…

Personally if you can find this many potential problems now, then who knows what lies in wait for you. Unless it fulfils every other criteria you have, and you absolutely love it, then walk away.

You had a meter, makes all the difference :grin:

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So it seems!