Electric wall convector heater replacement - problematic?

Heading back to the house shortly. We have some older convector heaters upstairs which were quite functional last year but rather old. The user instructions on some potential replacements appear to ‘recommend’ professional help, rather than stating it’s necessary: “Nous vous suggérons de contacter un électricien professionnel pour toute aide.”

If I wanted to replace them is this permissable, given that there is existing wiring and (provided I don’t fit units drawing more power) it’s a simple swap?

Whether it is or isn’t, no one will know (unless you forget to isolate the power :scream:). Go for it

Of course it is permissible…but if you do not understand the instructions, call an expert.

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Having seen what mine cost to run, it would be worth adding a thermostat into the loop if they don’t have an integral one.


OK, thanks guys - not an insurance-invalidating, torches and pitchfork drawing thing to do.

Despite being cast into the Abomination of Desolation, Slough of Despond, Outer Darkness, by the EDF payment sked for the coming 12-month, in today - up from 80€ p.m. to 147,90€ p.m - I have a recommendation for electric convectors that work well and are very controllable, once you have got your head round the somewhat arcane set-up. I found the instructions on line, in English.


I have 3 of these. The level of programming is down to per 30 mins per day. As my week does not vary, Mon-Sun, I can set every day to the same routine. One could have a different routine for each day of the week, or Mon-Fri/Sat-Sun - whatever suits. There are set programmes - w.y.s.i.w.y…g - or each programme is tweakable .

They are the ‘inertia’ type, with a lump of ceramic which acts a bit like the old storage radiators. In this case, the lump of ceramic continues to give off heat after the thermostat has switched off the power, thus flattening out the consumption curve. More expensive ones have a lump of cast iron to do the same job. They are a simple swap for your originals, given that the wiring is up to snuff.

I got a couple of these but one was d.o.a. The programming of the heating sked was so opaque that I sent both back https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B0913CYFYQ/ref=pe_27091421_487052621_TE_item?th=1.

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Since we only use our heaters for on-demand top-up heating, we have cheap-and-cheerful ones that do the job excellently. Some were bought in France (at e.g. Leclerc) and some brought over from our offices in the UK. Absolutely no problem fitting any of them.

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