Electrical supply

Has anybody noticed that their electric kettle, electric oven or any other electrical appliance sort of either stopped working or in the case of our kettle and oven take forever to boil or heat up. I did a check at some of my sockets around my house and found that the voltage was depending on what I had switched on between 179 volts with a few heaters on and 210 volts with just some lights on. Gave EDF a call and they said that the power supply cannot keep up with the demand in this cold weather has anybody out there had similar experiences with this in France

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but wondered if anyone else was suffering the opposite problem right now. I recorded 351V the other day and just before continuing this sentence ....... 300V! Might this explain why we can go through halogen lights at the rate of 1 every two months - one room has a set of four so that's a new €7 bulb every fortnight!

give it a few years...!

we often have a "brown out " when it's really cold, at peak user time which mans our induction hob wont even boil water>

The electricity supply is toyally inadequate when the weather's cold. it'll all go back to normal when it warms up a bit - til the next time lol

Bearing in mind France was almost at black out phase each evening around 19h00, if it was early evening then they're probably right - biggest fear in every cold spell is that everyone keeps everything turned on and the whole system goes down, especially in Brittany and PACA - the turned most of the street lights off in Nice and asked shop owners to turn off their lights and signs once they went home and the little extra help stopped the system giving up the ghost - France broke its consumption record a few days ago and had to buy in electricity from just about every other eu country but despite that the problem remains that much of the infrastructure is too old to cope with such volumes.