Electricity failure

Looking for some advice for the future in case find myself in similar situation again.

I was without electricity for 3 days over the weekend and unable to get a response from the supposed 24/7 ENEDIS emergency number. Resolved eventually with assistance from a 3rd party site though spent those three days with no lighting, heating, cooking, home phone nor internet (except for 3G, though mobile didn’t last three days as no charging possible).
The problem was a faulty main disjuncteur that a local electrician came and advised must be resolved by ENEDIS as it is their equipment and is sealed.

I am prepared to think that I was not selecting all the correct options after ringing the emergency number (0972 67 50 16 for Charente) but, having rung the number over 20 times in those 3 days, I tried them all.

Advice from anyone who has had success using the ENEDIS emergency number or can see where I may have been going wrong would be appreciated.

After ringing the emergency number, the automated system, after advising the number is for emergencies only, asked for a code postale; a confirmation of no supply and offered a choice including system check, result via SMS. Having selected that (on first occasion, though tried all other options in subsequent three days) the automated system then disconnected after a ‘thank you for the contact’ message.

I immediately received an SMS from them which contained a web link. After going to the other side of the village to get 3G and selecting the web link it took me to the ENEDIS website where the address was requested and input.

I then had to select my meter type from pictures offered. I have a Linky. I was then asked to check the main disjuncteur (confirm it was off) and then to try again after switching off all circuitry (still off as expected).

The automated system then told me I needed a technician and presented the same emergency number to ring when I began the exact same process all over again (multiple times looking for an error in my input).

On subsequent occasions I tried holding on, hoping to speak to a human, didn’t work, I just got that same ‘thank you’ message after some safety advice.

My electricity provider Total Energie was of no assistance whatsoever, despite telling them when I eventually managed to get a reply today (not available at the weekend) of my experience, they just insisted I had to ring that same ENEDIS emergency number.

All resolved now thanks to a third party company who had a direct access to ENEDIS. After this third party company got involved, ENEDIS arrived within the hour but only after we suffered a miserable and frustrating three days. Hopefully the freezers’ contents have survived, but wouldn’t have done if it had been summer.

As I am sure that this emergency service is usually efficient and speedy, can anyone indicate where I might have been going wrong. As previously indictated, I am prepared to accept that was the case.

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Unless the system has changed recently you need to enter a 2 at the very end of the last automated statement from ENEDIS (which is very rushed & unclear - a lot of people miss it). This holds the line open for a real person to talk to you.


If that ‘2’ option to reach a human was there, I too missed it. But apart from that I still don’t know how I could have got a response from the automated system