Electricity meter switch

I have a little switch next to my hot water fuse in the electricity meter box that clicks on to only heat the water in low tarif time. I think it has been moved and I am not sure what it should be set to. Can someone tell me please? I have. Sun, a moon, 20V, and something else!

Sorry Helen, seems different to ours, which is set on ‘Auto’, to operate on the cheap rate.

Might be worth posting a photo

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My guess would be it should be where the moon is Helen, If the water is cold in the morning, feel free to blame me :wink:

If you google contacteur-jour-nuit-debflex, the pics show it like this

From top to bottom…for a cheap-rate switch it looks like:
Immediate, Automatic, Off (although that is an anglicised version)

Or another language, tells me that it is : (Sun) Daytime… (Moon) Nightime… and Off…



I agree with Stella & Bill

Thank you peeps - I have set to A (and the moon). Which of course makes sense. How does it know to operate in just the 8 Tarrif Bleu hours?

If that is the case then I might have to set my overnight house guests on you Bill!:joy:

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There’s a connection from the meter which activates the switch.

This may be entirely wrong - but… I was told by the electricity company that there is a signal sent to people on Tarrif Bleu which switches on the circuit at the correct time.

This came to light as we have a switch similar to the one you have shown but it was not working - the reason was that we were not on the correct tarrif so there was no signal being sent to us to switch it on.

… they may have however been “pulling my chain” and instead it is actually switched on by golden Unicorns!

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My money is on golden unicorns! But thanks for the heads up.

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On the switch in your p’oto Helen, if you had it set on the ‘sun’, I guess the heater would be on 24hrs., so the moon is logical to me :thinking:

If a bunch of irate folks beat me with cold wet towels tomorrow???

This isn’t the case. The “Sun” or “I” (On) position will force the water heater on if you operate it during “heures pleines” (HP, or full rate) hours. This is to allow you to top up during the day if all your guests take long morning showers.
However, once “heures creuses” (HC, or empty/cheap rate) hours kicks in via the magical golden unicorn switching system the switch in question will flick itself back to Auto/moon & will return to it’s usual 8 hours/day operation.
That’s the long way of saying that moving it to “I” does not leave it on 24/7. If it never moves back to Auto then it (or it’s wiring to the meter) is faulty, or you aren’t actually on HP/HC tarif.


I think thats wott I implied Jon’ :slightly_smiling_face:

No, what I’ve said isn’t what you implied.

Jonathan, never abbreviated please.

:slightly_smiling_face: Won’t bother at all then Jon’ :slightly_smiling_face: